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Revolutionary Road

See it the first chance you get, it’s brilliant. DiCaprio and Winslet shine like never before. But beware: depressing fucking movie. Not as poignantly depressing as The Wrestler, but still, damn, makes you really want to do something with your life after watching it.


Thoughts : I’ve been waiting for this movie so so long. It’s just been released today in France, and I thought I could watch it tonight but I came back home way too late, so I’m up for tomorrow. I really can’t wait. I’ve been thinking of this movie since almost a month !

I hope you love it. :slight_smile: Makes me want to read the book…

OMG, the movie was more than awesome. I cried from begining to the end. Some viewers laughed sometimes, I didn’t, I guess they sometimes felt uncomfrotable with their own life too and laughed out of nervosity.

The thing I love was that Sam Mendes perfectly knows that DiCaprio + Kate Winslet = Titanic’s mythic couple. So as soon as the movie begins, you get that perfect romantic scene where they’re both in love and you instantly get the Titanic’s couple in your head. Those characters, you know them by heart, you’ve been living with the hope that someone would bring this couple back to screen. So when on the second scene, you immediatly understand that it’s not the Titanic but the couple that is wrecked and not the ship anymore, you feel the pain and you immediatly feel the empathy for the characters. No need of much words.

The whole movie is a perfect direction by Sam Mendes that keeps doing movies with that idea of depressing suburbs, how you can deal with comformity, idealism and so on. There’s this sad beauty about actors, story and settings in the suburbs. You admire it, you can understand why you can be for a while attracted by it even if you didn’t plan it for yourself in the first place. But everything is so sad. The emotion is there all the time. And I don’t even spoil the ending.

I’m totally ashamed and shocked that they deleted all the nominations for Revolutionary Road for the oscars. First no DiCaprio, no Kate Winslet even if she won the Golden Globes (instead they chose The Reader, which was for the best supporting role in the Golden Globes), and instead best support role for the nevrotic guy. He sure is good but better than DiCaprio and Kate Winslet ? No way. And he doesn’t appear that long on the screen. No nomination for best directing and best movie, instead best art direction and best costumes, sure these are deserved nominations but why not directing ? I don’t care about that Benjamin Button getting 13 nominations or even Frist/nixon, they should have given the nomination to Sam Mendes ! Not much risks by nominating the same movies for Best Movie and Best Directing. I hate that.

Thanks for the review, It sounds very good.

You’re welcome. Go see it and tell us what you think of it.

SUch a great film, I’m so disheartened that Slumdog millionaire got a best pic nom and this didn’t. Nor that Dicaprio & Winslet were completely snubbed for a fantastic, intense and raw performances. Much more powerful than Pitt(who I’m happy for) or Jenkins.

And Roger Deakins should have get a nomination for the best cinematography too. I really don’t understand about the oscars this year. Revolutionary Road has been so booed, and right after the Golden Globes it’s even more NOT understandable.

Agreed on Deakins, his cinematography in the film is gorgeous. But right after DiCaprio and Winslet, the biggest loser is Justin Haythe who adapted the amazing screenplay. And Roth’s horrid screenplay for Button gets the nom, my God, the Academy has really lost it.

At least they recognized Michael Shannon, that’s something at the very least, his scenes in the film were among the best of the film and he was outstanding in the small but very important role.

Yeah very true about Michael Shannon. But it was still surprising to see his name popped up in the oscars since he was forgotten at the golden globes. Not sure he has much chance to win against Heat Ledger though.

Yeah very true about Michael Shannon. But it was still surprising to see his name popped up in the oscars since he was forgotten at the golden globes. Not sure he has much chance to win against Heat Ledger though.

I was pissed about the Golden Globes, it’s hard cause sometimes their right on the money like Dicaprio winning for The Aviator. Then other’s they’re in their own world. How does John Hamm win last year and lose to Gabriel Bryne this year. I want a recount on that one(did anyone get the joke there?) Hamm was fantastic in season two. I’ve watched every episode in In Treatment and I don’t see it. Not to mention putting Winslet down as supporting actress when she’s the friggin’ center of the film. Brando was lead and he was in GF all of 18 minutes.