Reviews section

I know this might be extra work,

I’d think it be very smart to have a Reviews section on the website, with the list of links to reviews, and specially in that section have a “ contributors reviews”… meaning users in the forum would be invited posting their reviews to be linked to in the websites review section… As it seems members of this forum have very interesting points of view about the movie that one cannot find in MTV or others main-stream press review…

Also an overview of all the articles maybe… maybe the webmaster would like others to contribute doing those tasks of putting together those couple reviews, webmaster/member-reviews and article lists.


I am working on that. you can make my life easier by encouraging other forum members NOT to open new topics for their reviews. there are already more than 4 topics that just constist of a few people’s impressions…

be cool

(in a future message board, there will be sub-cathegories… but that needs some time)

i will creat review sections soon (next few hours or days) stay tuned