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Review with Uma and article about Kill Bill and Tarantino in polish magazine


Some days ago, I found old issue polish magazine “Film” ( issue from October 2003 ). In magazine, there are many interesting piece of news ( for example: there is extract, where article’s autor write about Tarantino’s fiction CV, which he wrote, when he has 17 years ). In magazine also there are some interesting photos and short review with Uma Thurman.


What is “Tarantino’s fiction CV”? Ive never heard about that.


When Tarantino had 17 years, he leaved school and became learn actor’s play. He was trying found some role, so he had to write some CV. So he wrote it. That CV conteined fiction filmes, wich Tarantino “played” - Godard’s “King Lear” and episod in “Dawn of the dead” by George Romero. Some people belived it, and in some americans books we can found his fiction roles…

Sorry for mistakes, but I don’t speak English well…