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Reservoir Dogs German Special Edition

Hey all, I am trying to track down a copy of the German S.E. Reservoir Dogs (otherwise known as Wilde Hunde) that was released recently. The homepage of this website has the link to a small review about it and the extras look amazing. I’ve gone to all the sites which were recommended retailers by that review. They all have problems when trying to order. Either they don’t have R.D., they don’t accept online payment or they need you to send faxed copies of the Credit Card which I cannot/do not want to do (security reasons).

I’ve looked Goddamn everywhere else: (German website) don’t even sell any versions of R.D.s…how ridiculous is that. Noone is selling it on eBay Germany. Search through almost every possible german dvd site with google.

I live in the so we only get the crappy feeble versions of R.D. with minimal extras.

Man you won’t understand how happy I will be if someone knows where I can get it…thanks

This is the cover: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … _gross.jpg”></LINK_TEXT>

the thing is, in Germany there’s a law against selling movies and games online, that are prohibited for people under the age of 18. so you won’t find this in a store like amazon.

Actually, even in normal stores in town or something, you only find this under the counter.

The price of that (very good) Special Edition is at about 25 Euros.

I think if you REALLY want this, I can get one for you (at a bit higher price) and send it to you (I live in germany).

But you can try maybe you find it there…

The Special Edition itself is far superiour to the US and AUS Special Editions, as it features a better image quality as well as subtitles. I am not sure if the bonus extras are exactly the same, but still impressive…


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