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Research Project

I am a Georgia State University student doing a project on Quentin Tarantino. It would be a great help to me if as many people would reply to these questions as possible. Extra information would be appreciated and if you think of any good questions, repost them along with the original ones. Thanks for your time.

  1. What was the first Tarantino film you ever saw?

  2. Which is your favorite?

  3. What qualities attract you to Tarantino’s films?

    4.How would you respond to criticism of Tarantino’s films based on their violence?

    5.Who (besides Tarantino) would you say is (are) your favorite director(s)?

    6.Who is your favorite 1970s kung fu star?

Go here, on the Official homework and term-paper question topic :

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Most of the questions that you asked has already been mentionned there, you can find the replies you want. :wink: