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[Region 2 Japan] Volume 2 DVD topic

DVD topic dealing with Region 2 (JAPANESE!!! Not European) Releases of Volume 2

posted by diceman:

available at cd-wow…


Interactive Menus, Scene Selection, Theatrical Trailer, Making Of Feature, Featurette

Special Features:

Deleted scenes with Michael Jay White

The Making Of Kill Bil Volume 2

Premiere Party Chingon Performance

Teaser Trailer

This very special imported box set includes:Widescreen version of Kill Bill: Volume 2

A Kung Fu T-Shirt

A “Love Bride” Bearbrick

A Pai Mei Keyring

10 Memorial Card Set

24 Page Booklet

sidewinder posted:

running time is 138 minutes according to Amazon Japan. It will be the extended cut with the extra Esteban scene

my comment on that: the extra esteban scene is only 48 seconds longer, so the minutes data from amazon is worthless

links and pictures of the LE

a review

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posted by diceman:

available at cd-wow…


Crikey, the box-art is so kick-ass!!! I’d get it just for the cover.

Then again, maybe not. But it’s still a cool cover.

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posted by diceman:

available at cd-wow…


Already ordered... hope I'll get it on oct 8th.

Kill Bill Vol.2 (Japan Version)

Region: 2

Release Date: October 8, 2004

Languag: Japanese, English

Subtitle: Japanese , English

Package Weight: 150 g

Publisher:Geneon Entertainment

In addition to the feature film, this edition includes a reversible jacket featuring four characters from the movie (first pressing only), making-of featurette, unreleased scenes, footage from the premier party, and trailers.


Reversible jackets:

those jackets fucking rock!!

I got the Pai Mei version when I bought that premium box set. Believe or not, I got it for less that 35€ (including shipping). Now I need to get Vol. 1 box but I can’t find it for a reasonable price.

These’s not much difference between R1 and R2/JP dvds. JP dvd has the same main menu (in japanese) and the same chapter stops. Extras are otherwise the same but there’s a couple of japanese trailers for the film and biographies (in japanese). Optional english subs mean that you either have to keep them on the whole film or turn them on and off when there’s non-english dialogue. (I actually prefer watching movies with subs even if the language is english). No difference in picture quality.

The extended Esteban scene is nothing too special. There’s just more footage of the area. I think the “normal” version works a bit better when it comes to that scene.

I like the Elle one best.

The Premium Box is pretty nice, I got the Elle reversible cover…