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[Region 1] Volume 1&2 "normal" Version topic

This topic is for all info and discussions dealing with the current “normal” versions of Volume 1 and 2 in USA and Canada

Kill Bill: Volume Two (DTS) - DVD Region 1


Certificate: R

Category: Action & Adventure

No. of Discs: 1

Running Time: 136 minutes

Year Produced: 2004

Region: 1 (USA/Canada)

Audio: English Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1, Francais Dolby Digital 5.1

Subtitles: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish

Closed-Captioned: Yes

Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 widescreen

Anamorphic: Yes

Encoding: NTSC

Special Features:

  • []Deleted Scene with Michael Jay White
  • []Making Of Featurette
  • []Premiere Party Chingon performance
  • []Trailer
  • [/list]

    and the volume 1:


    Certificate: R

    No of Discs: 1

    Running Time (approx): 111 minutes

    Year Produced: 2003

    Region: 1 (USA/Canada)

    Audio: English Dolby Digital 5.1, English DTS 5.1, Francais Dolby Digital 5.1

    Subtitles: English, Chineses, Japanese, Korean, Spanish

    Closed-Captioned: Yes

    Aspect Ration: 2.35:1

    Anamorphic: Yes

    Encoding: NTSC

    Special Features:

  • []Theatrical Trailer
  • []Teaser Trailer
  • []Bootleg Trailer #1
  • []Making Of Featurette
  • [*]5,6,7,8s Music Videos
  • [/list]

    The Cardboard box from BestBuy (exclusive).

    Review of Volume 2 DVD Quality:

    Member “clarenceworley” posted: I just got the DVD…the transfer quality is not that bad…there is a halo effect at some points, but it’s nothing too big…also, the audio is shitnice on my 5.1. The Menu is way tight, especially with Malcolm Mclaren’s song.

    vol 2 menu shots:

    review from filmguy:


    The Chingon performance is very very good. I thought it was going to be something stupid like the 5, 6, 7, 8’s music videos on the Volume 1 DVD. It starts with Robert Rodriguez on stage with a guitar and his band. QT is shown several times in the audience. Rodriguez begins talking about where the music originated and how he always thought it would make a good rock song. He then makes a little joke about how at one point in the song a singer has to hold a note for a long time and that this is difficult because it’s usually fat guys who can hold long notes because they have a lot of space to hold air and the guy doing it during the performance is thin. He tells the audience to cheer the singer on at that part of the song to encourage him. This is followed by two great performances.


    This is a great scene. I can see how it doesn’t fit into the film. QT made a good choice taking it out. But it’s really really cool.

    It begins with Beatrix and Bill enjoying a walk together. They are stopped short by White with a sword and four other guys wielding scimitars. White challenges Bill, seeking vengeance for his dead master Damoe. Bill tells Beatrix to step back while he handles this. Bill lifts his Hanzo sword as one of White’s subordinates runs toward him in attack. Bill, with a hidden blade beside his sword, throws the blade into the attacker’s head as he approaches. He falls dead. White then orders the three remaining subordinates to attack Bill. Bill effortlessly slits all their throats with his Hanzo sword. He does this with less effort than Beatrix with the first few Crazy 88’s.

    Then comes the fight between White and Bill. They have a short sword duel which ends with White slicing off a piece of Bills clothing. Bill gets a look on his face like, “Oh no you didn’t.” White sticks his sword in a wooden column and challenges Bill to fight without swords. Bill agrees and they have a no-weapons fight where Bill fights like Pai Mei. White, realizing that he’s no match for Bill takes his sword back. Bill takes his sword out also and leaves it sheathed. White reluctantly agrees to keep his sheathed also. They proceed with a sheathed sword fight until Bill manages to get the sheathed blade to White’s neck. Just before it hits his neck, the sword unsheathes a little, revealing part of the blade which cuts White’s neck a little. If you’ve read the script, White dies in this scene much like Elle was originally going to die. The cut in his neck squirts out blood like a balloon releasing air. The scene ends with a shot of Beatrix looking in awe at Bill.

    This is a great scene. The dialogue is hilarious. It doesn’t sound real it sounds dubbed.

    Volume 2 DVD backside of DVD Cover:

    a review of the DVD:

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    another review:

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    ive got Vol1 but its got 2 discs. With the’s video and making of on disc 2… and the cover is sorta like the one of of the cardboard box from bestbuy with the brides hand and the sword.

    ive also got vol1 1 disc and that doesnt even include the making of or the’s video… :-X Rest is the same… :-</E>

    Thats the dutch special version, Dutch Filmworks made it, the making of video is the same they show on television. I paid extra money for that :-</E>

    Well, luckily I didnt buy the two-dics… It was a present from my dad… so no real harm done… but still kinda dissapointed…speccially cause its got “Exclusive Special Media Markt” printed on the cover… :-</E>

    did you notice that on the back of the dvd it says: Interviews with Quintin Tarantino, Uma Thurman, Comment by Quintin Tarantino, a view behind the scenes etc. But the only thing they show is the 10 min short film.

    Yep, I did… I got kinda excited till I actually watched it…

    Unique look behind the scenes (yeah for about 1 min)

    Exclusive footage of some of the shootings (again, maybe 1 min)

    Commentary from QT (“Yes its an hommage to 70’s kung fu, spaghetti western bla bla bla”)

    Commentary from main actors: Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Vivica A. Fox, Julie Dreyfus (Julie’s got one line, where she says that Uma had to work really hard for her part… and the rest havent really got anything really interesting to say)

    Commentary producer Lawrence Bender (“Yes, its classic Quentin, its great”)

    ^ this all adds up to almost 14 mins of film… ::slight_smile:

    Sidenote: And they called the 5,6,7,8’s the… ""

    And there song ‘I walk like Jayne Mansfield’ is credited as ‘Jayne Mansfield’

    yep, we were ripped off by the dutch filmworks


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    yeah that was awseome. but that was in theaters as well