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Recording sound

What do you guys use to record sound?

Either a shotgun microphone connected to the camera through an AV cord.

Or a shotgun microphone connected to a DAT system.

dont, i dub everything in later, record it on a normal tape recorder

dont spend 500 on a mic, just do it ghetto style

Would an mp3 recorder be a good option? or does this fuck up the sound to much?

I want it fast and digital…no transfering from tape to whateverrrr, just fast computer transfers…unless the recording is way better that way of course…

what are my best choices?

dont, i dub everything in later, record it on a normal tape recorder


wat like op een cassetterecorder met cassettebandjes? :o

that really is ghettostyle :slight_smile:

how do you dub it in later? what do you use for editing?

A microphone plugged into an MP3 is fine, but dont fork out stacks for a mike, i just found an old one and used that. If you’re up close you may as well have it plugged into the camera though, so you dont have to bother with syncing. Dubbing sound on later with a mike and like soundstage or another program isnt so bad either.

DAT’s are fucken retarded. Pricey and difficult. Big and heavy. It’s everything you don’t want.

Perhaps you should get a laptop (Apple Powerbook) and an audio interface (EMU Laptop Cardbus). Flexible and portable. Unlimited space and archiving abilities. No timely transfers.

If you want to get real cheap look at the Fostex MR-8 or a MinDisc Recorder. Plug the mics right in and shoot. Sync later by sending it to your computer.

I use a mini disc recoder for everything I record sound on