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Rear Projection

The use of rear projection in Pulp fiction is fascinating.It’s a tribute to the tecnique used by the French directors in the 50-60’s.The so called French New Wave.Using obviously phony looking projection shots as a way of commenting on other movies.The French crime movies payed tribute to their American inspirations this way.

Pulp Fiction in turn paying tribute to its French crime movie inspirations,making the circle complete.

The most famous of these French movies being Breathless and Shoot The Piano Player.

I think I remember Quentin talking a bit about this subject on the Charlie Rose interview conducted during Pulp fiction’s release.

What do u mean rear projection?

Give me an example?



To see rear projection used in American films, you should watch the films of  Douglas Sirk (Written on the Wind, Magnificent Obsession, Imitation of Life). He used false backgrounds in his films before any of the French New Wave guys did. Also rear projection can be seen in many B films from the 40s and 50s. Note : QT pays tribute to Sirk in PF, with the Jackrabbit Slims scene where Vincent orders the “Douglas Sirk steak”. :slight_smile:

QT used rear projection in a couple scenes in Pulp Fiction. For instance the scene where John Travolta is driving to pick up Mia Wallace. The cab ride when Butch is talking with Esmerelda Villalobos.

yeah that’s a cool element of PF.

BUT Quentin tarantino didn’t refer to the french “nouvelle vague” (new wave) “breathless” movie by Jean Luc Godard (which i’ve seen), he referred, and likes the REMAKE of “Breathless” with Richard Gere.

Rear projection is cool. they’re sitting in a fake car and have screens running around the background on rolls :wink:

I dont know why QT likes the 1983 version of Breathless over Godards. I think he said, he likes it cuz its more flashy and it has Jerry Lee Lewis music in it or something. I think Jim McBride (director) even uses rear projection in Breathless 83 too. Ive seen both, I still think Godards version is much better than the Gere version. Thats where QTs eccentric film tastes come into play I guess.

i have to admint that i’ve never seen the '83 version.

i watched “A Bout de Souffle” (orginal title; Breathless is the english title, meaning the same) by Godard back in school. IN FRENCH.

the lovely thing about it is, the girl is american, and speaks french with her american accent and that’s just so sexy, but overall i didn’t like the movie very much.

And even more recently with the Vol.2 teaser Trailer