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Re write Blues

I’m in the middle of a major rewrite of STEVI and it just aint feelin’ right. Any advice on how to get the groove back after dropping a script for awhile and coming back to it to rewrite???

I’m adding new scenes which take it in a new direction and dropping some stuff and two characters I plan to give their own screenplay. But it’s still a revenge flick. She’s still the same.

i’m just having difficulty with getting it down on paper, ya know.

Any advice is welcome.

I’m having the exact same problem with my little zombie script right now. Every time

I open it up to do the re-write I end up staring at it for a couple minutes before I start

surfing the net. That’s actually how I ended up here now. I was thinking about printing

it off and taking it somewhere with less distractions.

I think Kevin Smith said it best when he said he never gets writer’s block, he get’s writer’s

laze. Like he’s got stuff he could write it’s just tough to sit down and do it when you could

be watching TV or participating the real world.

I know what you mean. And it’s quite a bitch. I’m so distracted easily whenever I’m writing something it’s ridiculous. Personally I found out that the best time to write something is late at night. I’m talking 1-2am or even later. Dunno why, but I’m three times more productive when writing something in the middle of the night. Obviously it’s also quite difficult for me to be writing something at that time, since I have to get up early nearly every day.

my computer is retarded so now it’s worse. getting a new one, so maybe that will be an inspiration. keep coming up with little tweaks here and there. but never get down to putting them in the script or actually hittling the script. shit, this suxs.

I like seeing my script, or any other script come to that, on a print out, in my hands. If I’m stuck on something, or there’s just a total lack of ideas knocking around in my head, I take that script and read it outdoors.

Anywhere nice, it really clears your head. Or talk to people about what you’ve written- often my mates point something out that, and that sets me off on an idea.

Or I just watch a load of films till something inspires me. That normally works :wink:

Point is, don’t just stare at your computer, with a wtf expression. That sucks ass.

you’ve got a great point… once i get things up and running again. i’ll print it out and go over it again. thanx!

You mean I was useful?


Glad to be of service lol