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RD reference in Squee

[color=Navy]Has anyone here ever read any of Jhonen Vasquez’s comics? Specifically Squee’s Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors? Well, in the “meanwhiles” section of the book, there’s a comic about “Tickle-Me Hellmo”, and a number of action levels he can do. Level 16 is “re-enacts the torture scene from Reservoir Dogs”, and it shows Hellmo dancing with a knife while a helpless little kid is tied to a chair. I’d scan the panel for you guys, but my scnanner doesn’t seem to be working.

[color=Navy]EDIT: I fixed my scanner, here’s the pic.

That’s pretty amusing. Nice to see a connection between Dogs and Squee. I wonder if Jhonen did that because he likes the movie or because he doesn’t. My guess is he does.