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Rare DVD's

what are some of the rarest DVD’s you’ve some across?

example: Salo Criterion Edition, only 600 made

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that one got sold for $405.56

any others?

While not quite as exspensive, the Killer, Criterion versions can seel for up to $100 dollars, ussually around $75 though.

One of them is the 80’s version of Little Shop of Horrors which has the (Now deleted) original dark ending—It was also the most expensive sequence of the entire movie.

Fletch is pretty rare

The Puppet Master boxset is pretty rare, gone out of production due to some legal issues. i have that.

Massacre Mafia Style is pretty rare.Im dying to see it myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Massacre Mafia Style

Deadbeat At Dawn is kind of rare and Im dying to see it.

Fletch, rare? I have a Fletch box set which I got from

Hmmm, the rare ones I have aren’t that expensive to buy.

Class of 1999

Renasiance Man

Psycho Cop 2

Under Pressure

But I guess the ones I that have that you probably would call rare I bought on EBay for $100. The Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh episode box sets parts 1-7.