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I was reading the original sreenplay of Natural Born Killers…and at the very end it says, “A Film Directed by Rand Vossler” then " A NOJA PRODUCTION "

So now this got me to wondering…did Tarantino EVER want to direct “Natural Born Killers” ?

So then I looked up this ‘Rand Vossler’


“Quentin Tarantino was an uncredited “polish” writer for this film, managing to include such pop-fare as the whole “Silver Surfer” debate, and surely the “Star Trek” references as well. Another Tarantino-ism can be found in the character name “Russell Vossler” which is a reference to Rand Vossler, a friend of Quentin’s from his days working at the Video Archives video store. Vossler was also used in PULP FICTION. It was one of the names on the marquee of Bruce Willis’ boxing match. Director Tony Scott once directed an entire film out of Quentin’s own script called TRUE ROMANCE (10/10)” from

and this;

"Hamsher’s take on Stone is realistically hot-and-cold: sometimes she hates him, sometimes she kind of likes the guy (Stone knows how to turn on the charm when he wants to). Her take on Quentin is pretty consistently disdainful, but Quentin is a saint compared to some of the friends surrounding him, like Rand Vossler. Eventually credited as a co-producer on NBK (for doing nothing – he was given the credit, basically, to pacify him), Vossler is painted here as an egotistical crybaby who threatened to hold up Hamsher and Murphy in court so he could regain the rights to NBK and direct it himself. According to Hamsher, both Stone and Tarantino are talented men irreparably damaged by all the yes-men and kiss-asses surrounding them. (There’s a bit of mournful respect for Roger Avary, who, it turns out, is pretty much responsible for Quentin’s career: he wrote a script called The Open Road, which Tarantino expanded into a monstrous 400-page epic from which he later cannibalized almost every script he’s written. If you want back-up for an argument that Tarantino is little more than a parrot for other people’s work, this is the book you want in your corner.) " from

Also The marquee where Butch boxes advertises the following fights: “Coolidge vs. Wilson” and “Vossler vs. Martinez”’. The first is a reference to the presidential election contested by Calvin Coolidge and Woodrow Wilson, the second is a reference to Rand Vossler and Jerry Martinez are two friends of Tarantino’s from when he worked in a video store.

Fromhttp://<LINK_TEXT text=“ … rchive.php”></LINK_TEXT> :

Today I did the “Day of the Dead” audio commentary for Anchor Bay and had a frickin’ blast. Mark Ward, of Anchor Bay, invited me to discuss the film, and when I arrived at Crest, where we were doing the recording, that Rand Vossler was one of the DVD producers. Rand, if any of you know your QT trivia, was one of the producers of “Natural Born Killers” – and was at one time going to direct the film. I’ve known him since my days at Video Archives (he was the Director of Photography on Quentin’s first feature, “My Best Friend’s Birthday”).

Last but not least,;

Russel Vossler

Interesting shit if ya ask me. I don’t know if any of this has been brought up before (i’m sure some of it has) but still…not all of us could’ve known this.

So I think there’s more to the Oliver Stone controversy…maybe Tarantino was pissed cause he knew he’d trust his friend Vossler to direct it, then after seeing the outcome he was probably even MORE pissed.

What do you guys think?


well maybe at the time QT wrote the script, he though his buddy Rand could maybe direct that.


They talk all about the whole NBK thing in “Quentin Tarantino The Man and His Movies”.