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Rainer Werner Fassbinder

I can’t no one has started a topic about one of the greatest german directors of all time. Films such as the American Soldier or Beware of the Holy Whore, Katzelmacher or Love is Colder then death have influenced so many new filmmakers. So far I have only seen the Gods of the Plauge and it has the most beautiful and innovative cinematography i have ever seen. What are your thoughts about the man?

shame on me. I haven’t seen even one of his movies. And I live in Germany!! :o

Yes! Shame on you.** Go home and watch ‘Fear Eats The Soul’* or rather its German title of course.


Based on a Douglas Sirk film that I forget the name of. It’s the same film that influenced, blimey I am being forgetful, Todd Hayne’s film with Julianne Moore that was set in the 1950s.[/size]

* Actually, shame on me for not watching any more.[/size]

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