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R.I.P. Peter Boyle

I was so shocked to find out that Peter Boyle has died. Most of you will know him best from Everybody Loves Raymond but some will know him from Taxi Driver.He definitely will be missed R.I.P. Peter Boyle

yes RIP, i was distrot when i heard this he was amazing in taxi driver



Wow, I can’t believe it either…

read it in the paper this morning, was quite shocked, loved him in (ofcourse) Taxi Driver, second best thing about it after De Niro, Monster’s Ball, Where the Buffalo Roam, Hardcore …

RIP Wizard

… :o… :’( …Rest in Peace

I loved him in Taxi Driver

Very sad news indeed. The scene with him and De Niro in Taxi Driver is an absolute classic. RIP Mr. Boyle.

He was funny. Young Frankenstein >:D

Ahah yeah he was so funny in Young Frankenstein :smiley:

RIP Peter Boyle !