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Quetin tarantino's pulp fiction part 2?

…would be cool. the name alone is incredibly valuable is it not? a sequel seems obvious. why hasn’t it been done? someone must have the rights locked up…

Why would anyone even want a sequel? The thought of it makes me shudder. And where would it go? I mean, it would be just another group of random stories interwoven and tied-together by time and place. Pulp is great because it is what it is. No need to fuck with it and make it less special by bastardizing a sequel.

the only way to prove that he’s still good is to make the same movie again because you prefer it over his other films?

Its not gonna happen. QT will never do a sequel or prequel, hes only gonna be making films for another decade or so. Why would he revisit something we’ve already seen?

Yeah. It’ll never happen. I feel somewhat offended at the mere mention of it.