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Questions about DVD releases

If you have any questions about some certain dvd release (for example if the quality is any good) post them here. Here’s one very useful site for finding dvd reviews:

Here’s my question. Does anyone know if Tai Seng releases of ‘A Hero Never Dies’ and ‘The Mission’ are any good? HK releases (by Universe and Mei Ah) have bad picture quality.

Hey Hung can you recommend me a decent Last Hero in China Dvd. I’ve gotten two shitty copies.

I took a quick look at the different versions. The best release is the remastered French dvd by HK Video. DVDRAMA rated the picture quality 9/10. No english subs of course. The lack of subs is the only bad thing about HK Video. I have their Fist of Legend and Tai Chi Master dvds (both remastered, uncut, original language & soundtrack, 2 disc special editions).

The British release seems to be the second best. It’s not great, but it’s anamorphic and features pretty good ’burnt in’ subs. The US release seems quite poor. HK disc was one of the first dvds released in HK, so the quality isn’t very good. There’s also a Scandinavian release, which is most likely bad quality.

a good resource for finding good releases is also (although they are not always up to date)

and a very good review site is

Here you can ask about a DVD before you buy it (sorry If there is already a topic like this)

I was thinking of buying Dead & Buried from Blue Underground. Can anybody tell If its worth the buy?

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Thank you so much

I always thought that the Australian Ong Bak was an awesome release. DVD compare put it at a tie with the UK one. Cause it has the Original Thai Uncut Version and the French Theatrical Version. This is good cause then I can just go to the shops and buy it as opposed to ordering a foreign copy. Madman did real well with the dvd. I think the UK one only has the Thai Original version.

The british idots changed the music and probably re-recorded all the sound effects. It’s the least original version available.

Do you own the EE. I have the Thai dvd which has better picture quality than EE. But the sound sync isn’t very good. How’s EE (original cut)?

This is one of the scenes where Thai disc goes out of sync

EDIT: looks good: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … sp?ID=6281”></LINK_TEXT>