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Question about the family in the movie

The Asian kid was either adopted or had an Asian mother but why does the daughter have a southern redneck accent when neither her dad or her brother has one… I knw that the actress is southern but Im sure she can fake a normal accent when she’s acting…

I dont think she can actually.

Maybe she is his half daughter and she and her mother are from Arkansas. Sounds good to me.

For God’s sake why didnt they come up with a normal family!!! Why all this mix up for no reason? An Asian kid with a redneck sister… I mean if the actors were good and were irreplacable Id understand… The Asian kid SUCKED!!!

… The Asian kid SUCKED!!!

But his death was amazing…

if only the Gecko brothers had kidnapped the Griswalds instead eh!!!

Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo would have made brilliant Vampire Killers

But his death was amazing…

That what I liked about the movie… Its so not hollywood… The lil kid dies, the dad dies and Seth and the daughter didn’t leave together, fall in love and live happilly ever after…

Why the need for a “normal” family. Just because we do not know the back story does not mean there wasnt a good reason for the preacher man to have such funny looking kids.

Maybe they couldnt have kids of their own. I could make up dozens of reasons off the top of my head.

They put the Asian kid through hell in the movie, I love it. Every time he opens his mouth or tries to do something, someone else either humiliates him or kicks him in the head. Even his name in the opening credits was blown to pieces by clooney’s car, haha

I lmao at that little look that Tom Savini gives Scott when hes talking about the vampires. Its like WTF? Its goddamn funny. The whole part when Sex Machine is trying to hide hes turning into a vampire is hilarious.

yea tom savini is one of my favorite parts of the movie and i seen that dick gun in person.

That Family is awesome!

Love that Shit! TOM SAVINI, oh he is the King!

yea he kicks some ass i love the scene where he kills danny tejo with the pool stick

The Asian kid SUCKED!!!

He got treated like shit throughout the whole movie. I thought it was hilarious as Scarface said earlier.

I guess that the preacher picked him up while he was a missionary in Burma - what happened to his accent? why is his sister so hot? vexing questions.

the original ending was pretty cool where the preachers son was supposed to come running out of the trailer and then try to attack them and just light on fire.

the original script leaves no room for questions:

"SCOTT, age 16, is Jacob’s Vietnamese adopted son."

the red riddin hood joke is great.

I didnt like that ending at all. “Im not a god damn bastard” says it all. In fact, that script doesnt read that well for the most part. I think if I hadnt seen the movie and only read ‘that’ script I would have passed making the picture, if I had that kinda power. Good thing QT has a vivid imagination. Im sure his wit sold the film to the studio. I would like to read the script before QT spiced it up and see what the differnce is between the two. I would also like to know who changed the ending.

yea well the original short that the guy made to sell the story was pretty good.