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Question about Kill Bill plot

Never in the movie is there any word WHY the assasination squad kills the Bride and all the other people. You could only see it in a one of the trailers. It’s Uma saying “I wanted to get out of this buisness, and some old friends payed me a visit”, sth. like that, then you see the Squad, then closely the dead bodies.

So why has Tarantino never said a word about why they wanted to kill the Bride in Vol.1? I mean you could guess that, but still…

The movies not over yet. In Volume 2 there will definitely be some more history about the DiVAS and The Bride. Why they did it to her etc.

Also QT doesnt tell his stories like most people who make movies. He takes a more novelistic approach. You’ll see the end at the beginning, the middle at the end etc. Thats just his style of storytelling.

In an interview Quentin said everything will be explained in volume 2.

Excellent. I can’t wait to see the backstories to the Bride and Elle Driver. I wanna know why Elle’s so bitchy and agitated.

Good question Buckethead, and thats one thing that pisses me off about Volume 1, i know its supposed to be ONE MOVIE but not knowing shit in the first movie/part and properly explaining everything is a major mistake. Ive taken people with me every time to see Kill Bill and they asked the same questions “why did they kill her” - "how does she know Bill and whats their realtionship?"

Its one of the true faults of Volume 1, and if ur gonna say well its one movie - sure it is, but still could have done QT some good to at least explain it to the people who dont read everything about Kill Bill on the Internet and explain it for them in Vol 1. I dont mean go into a full depth explanation but at least a reference to why they tried to kill her and little bit about her backstory with them would have been good. For tthe non-Kill Bill fan i think it will only ever seem right when they watch the Kill Bill Box set DVD with both parts.

Well, this is satisfying enough for me: Knowing it will be explained in Vol.2.

About Vol.2: I’ve heard it is not so violent, more Tarantino-like every day conversations, I have the script but I’m not reading it, I don’t want to ruin the experience, so everyone who has read the script tell me:

If you love Kill Bill Vol.1, you ((BLANK)) Kill Bill Vol.2 !!!

so what’s the missing word(s)

P.S.: I love the QT style dialogues, but violence is important too dor mee

Volume 2 is going to be just as violent as Volume 1, theres just going to be more dialogue than there was in Volume 1.

I completely disagree that we have to know everything about The Bride in Volume 1. Thats just not necessary. Plus if you pay close attention, you can see alot of extra information about what happened to her before she was shot down anyway. The film is one film split into 2 volumes, of course youre not going to know everything till you see both parts.

Vol. 2 won’t have any parts where she fights more than one person, so i don’t think it will be NEARLY as violent. I mean, no arm hacking off, no widenning of the mouth, and no arm hacking off.

From what I remember of the script, Volume 2 will overall be less violent; but the violence will be less comical and more intense.

The only thing that pisses me off about volume 2 is the lame as fuck ending.  I really hope that’s not the way it ends in the script that I read, I really hope not.  If it is, I’ll still like it, and will probably be one of my favorites still.  But for those of you that have read the ending, don’t you agree that it blows ass?



well there you go, as you feared,m it was pretty lame, and to be honest i was dissapointed wiv the Bride/Bill finale i mean for 4 hours worth of film we’re waiting for them to fight and then? nothing, she does the 5 point exploding heart tecniques and there you go. It is cool, but still i wanted some real big battle, oh well.

I have to agree with you there - I was expecting a bit more of a spectacular fight between Beatrix and Bill - it was a bit of an anticlimax - but you can’t have everything I suppose.

I thinks it’s pretty cool, that instead of having this big ass fight, it was a small, short, sad fight…

[quote=“Bad Max”]
I thinks it’s pretty cool, that instead of having this big ass fight, it was a small, short, sad fight…

Yeah, it was more emotional…they could never have like a big fight full of hatred after what they have been through…

I love the little bit that follows the ‘fight’ when Bill is talkin’ to Beatric before he takes his final steps. Always been a favourite scene of mines.

I liked the fight, too. You expected a grand battle, and the little bit of action was good, but I liked that it was more emotional than physical. One reason I love Quentin’s films is cuz he keeps you guessing. He doesn’t do what is expected.

The ending of the Kill Bill saga is just another instance of Tarantino’s trademark of toring with audience expectation. QT is a master of that and it shows among other parts, at the final duel scene.

After all the other fight scenes, we expect there to be a prolonged fight between Beatrix and Bill. The whole movie is about getting to that point, about killing Bill, and we expect a kick-ass final battle that surpasses the one’s we have already seen. But QT does not fulfill this expectation. Just as we didn’t see the Deadly Vipers massacring the wedding guests, or Budd going medievil on his boss’ ass - we don’t have a proper final fight scene. Instead, we get a scene full of emotion and character, just like opening scene with the two of them at the wedding chapel. The final scenes, change the emphasis of the Kill Bill saga from revenge to regret.

[quote=“Deadly Viper”]
But QT does not fulfill this expectation. Just as we didn’t see the Deadly Vipers massacring the wedding guests, or Budd going medievil on his boss’ ass - we don’t have a proper final fight scene.
Are you saying that it happened, but we just didn’t get to see it or just that we all thought it was gonna happen but it didn’t?