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Quentin's T-shirt

I did’nt know whether to put this topic in here, in the dvd topic or the killbill topic. But I feel it fits best here :slight_smile: .

In the Documentry that comes with Volume 2 Quentin is wearing a t-shirt with a picture of himself on it ??? and the picture is saying something, does anybody know what it’s saying, I could’nt make it out.

Also, is’nt Quentin like so big-headed for wearing a t-shirt with himself on it?

It is a Simpson version of himself. Did you now know QT likes to blow his own trumpet?

Yeah I was wondering if that shirt was him on the simpsons. of course he likes to wear shirts with himself on it.

I would wear a shirt with myself being parodied on the Simpsons.

I think it says what “he” says on the show, something like this;

“What I’m trying to say is that violence is everywhere, it’s like even in our breakfast cereals man.”

my fuckin brother always quotes that, sure it was funny but not every time i mention QT, come on.

I read somewhere that the gun shooting by Vernita from the cereal box was a reference to that itchy and scratchy parody of Tarantino, ha ha.

LOL! that woulda been funny to see!

I read somewhere online about the guy who gave him that shirt. Some random blog , the guy made it for him a few years ago and sent it to him and never got any word back and then Bam he’s wearing it on the special features, pretty cool.

I’m sure there’s a happy ending in it for the t-shirt guy should the two of them ever meet. :wink:

O.K. so, where do I get this T-shirt?

I want that T-shirt as a nightie! Has Quentin ever appeared as a character in The Simpsons then. I thought they only went as far as referencing?

O.K. so, where do I get this T-shirt?

I want one too!