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So what’s up with Tony Tarantino? Does anyone know anything about him?

he’s a sucker, left Connie and Quentin after his birth. Read the book (qt, the man and his movies, by jamie bernard).


all he’s got to do with his son, is his name, and probably his face.

Sebastian, c’mon, you know I read the books. What I’m talking about is what isn’t in the books. Isn’t he like in a cult now with other celebrity dads, like Sal Pacino. I’m not kidding. Sal Pacino. Tony even has his website. He’s an “actor.” Even wrote a script that sounds like shit. Check out his website. Search engine him.


Took a look at Tony Tarantino’s website, read the logline for his script “New Horizons”.  I can’t believe he actually named a gangster “Vega”. :stuck_out_tongue:

And the script does sound convoluted and there’s enough undeveloped ideas for about three movies.

Somehow, I doubt Tom Cruise and Catherine Zeta-Jones will be considering this as their next project.  :wink:

Anyway, thanks for the heads-up, Mike.  :slight_smile:

Anything else you’ve dug up?

wait… THAT tony tarantino (actor, movieman) is HIS DAD???

NO WAY! look it up at, look at what that man did, that can’t be quentin’s dad…

shit man, Tony is in fact his dad, if you take a look at his website ;_) i still can’t believe it. Martial Arts, black belts and so on… wow

i think Quentin should re-unite with his Dad and make a flick  ;D


that’s a cool article… very interesting

Yep thats Quentins dad alright. I went to that website a while back. It sucks that Tony didnt stay around for Quentin. I could care less about Tonys “acting career”. What a bunch of BS that is.

Tony “Deadbeat dad- Wannabe Star” Tarantino. lol

Thats all I know about Tony, whats in the books and his site. Also, Tony slept around. All over the country. Quentin’s got a bunch of half brothers and sisters all over, from Arizona to Alaska. Look in the mirror. Are you related to the big man?

Oh, the only reason Quentin took his dad’s last name was cause it sounded cool. Tony wasn’t there for him or anything. I wonder if QT would be so creative and cool if Tony stuck around?

does Quentin have any REAL siblings? Or are they all half brothers and sisters?

Quentin is the single son of Connie (QT´s mother)

does anybody have a picture of quentin’s mom?

Holy fuck, this topic is about two years old. None of the people who posted prior to me and the new guy here don’t even post here anymore!

I need a drink.

Hahaha Tony looks like a fag.

Is QT’s mum still alive?

Does anyone have a picture of Quentin’s mother?

Why would you reunite with a guy who didn’t give a shit about you (until you were famous)?

Why would you reunite with a guy who didn’t give a shit about you (until you were famous)?ÂÂ

I agree. He doesn’t deserve to be reunited with someone like that.

Is QT’s mum still alive?