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Quentin's acting abilities

In your opinion, how is TARANTINO’s acting ability?

  • bullshit…he can’t act for sht
  • okay
  • he should act more often!!

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Well OK QT is a master filmmaker, maybe the best working today,after scorsese ofcourse, but as scorsese he is a terrible actor. I mean he is a horrible actor! as mr.brown he was silly and if he was gonna do mr. white as he wanted too he would destroy the whole picture. in pulp he was good but again silly. I think he only plays assholes in his movies, cos thats the only thing he can do. in desperado he was hilarious cos he was playing ''mostly himself for 3 minutes. from dusk till down? he washmm… good but again an asshole-sick. And in 4 rooms he was also hilarious cos he was ‘‘mostly’’ himself as in desperado. I’ve never seen any other movies with QT as an actor and i was glad not seeing him in jackie brown. he will follow the same acting-strategy in kil bill as in jackie bron cos i think he saw himself as a terrible actor and doesn’t want people to see his ‘‘acting abilities’’, only hear his voice ‘‘for the record’’

Hes definitely not a great actor, but I’d say hes about average. His best role was as Ritchie in From Dusk Till Dawn, he just worked perfectly in that film.

I do think QT would make a great character actor if he was just cast as crazy guys like Ritchie Gecko.

[quote]as mr.brown he was silly and if he was gonna do mr. white as he wanted too he would destroy the whole picture.[/quote]

 Like Vic said, I think he's average.  I mean, he's no DeNiro, but he's certainly a FAR greater actor than, say, Vin Diesel, who is utterly fuckin' dismall.  And QT was supposed to play Mr. Pink, not Mr. White.  Later.<br/>


OK but he was about to play mr. white(?)

You may probably bash me for sayin’ this, but i think QT’s greatest acting performance so far was the blind preacher in “Little Nicky”.

[quote]You may probably bash me for sayin’ this, but i think QT’s greatest acting performance so far was the blind preacher in “Little Nicky”.[/quote]

 PREPARE TO BE BASHED!  No, I'm just fuckin' wit ya.  Seriously, you're partially right.  QT's greatest COMEDIC acting performance was his bit role in "Little Nicky".  His overall best performance, in my opinion, is his "Pick-Up Guy" role is "Desperado".</r>

alright, well i dont know what u guys are talking about, i thik quentin is a great actor in his movies. he’s so real, and acts like a real person. ex. “Pulp Fiction” - “do you see a sign over my house that says dead nigger storage?”, that scene? u guys remember it? well i think he’s real, like a fuckin regular guy, and i like him in his movies when he acts.

He’s not that great of an actor, but come on, he’s not HORRIBLE. You want horrible? Two words: Kevin Costner. I think QT is really funny to watch talk, he seems so hyper and he talks so fast. All his interviews and commentary things are awesome! As for his acting, I think his best scene is the one in Desperado where he tells a joke to the Cheech Marin character in the bar: dick,cup,dick,cup,dick,cup. Great!

[quote]OK but he was about to play mr. white(?)[/quote]

I thought he was gonna be Mr. Pink?

he does play an asshole in all his movies, but i think it’s cool how he (or his voice :wink: has a part in all of his movies. i like that.

hes a bad actor. but it is good to hear his machine gun fire voice every once in a while. what ever happened to that guy who did the micro machines commercials?

I think would be pretty good at character acting, and he HAS given some decent comedic performances.

I still laugh every time I hear him do the Southern preacher voice on that episode of SNL he hosted.

I think he’s an awesome fucking actor. He’s so real because he looks like a fucking dork. We never see dorks in movies anymore, so it’s refreshing to see one once in a while, because there are dorks everwhere in real life. QT is insanely funny in his movies, it’s a shame we don’t see him more often.

“Did you notice a sign outside my house that says {insert my screen name here}”

i don’t think he’s a very good actor. he was pretty good in FDTD, that was my favorite of his performances. i think he was horrible in Four rooms. he kept looking off screen and paused to remember his lines. awful awful stuff. i really liked him in Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction though.

Am I the only one that would have like to have seen Quentin Tarantino on an episode of Seinfeld? After watching the begining of Reservoir Dogs time and time again, in my mind, I keep transposing the little Coffee house from the show over the actual surroundings, and it almost fit.

Of course, Seinfeld isn’t on, but I could just as easily see Quentin Tarantino co starring along side Larry David in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Hell, Martin Scorsese showed up in an episode playing himself, I’m sure Quentin could do the same.

Anyone else agree with me?

I think he could’ve done a part in Fight Club. Ya know, he could be one of those “first a wad of cookie-dough but now carved out of wood” kind of guys.

He could have been the priest. :wink:

please let me know what you think of this poll.


based on his acting?

From Dusk Till Dawn

You forgot Pulp Fiction and Little Nicky and a few others!