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Quentin WHAT Tarantino?

Does anybody know Quentin’s middle name? Out of my obsessive fact gathering that’s one thing I’ve never seen mentioned. Maybe he doesn’t have a middle name? If nobody knows, does anyone have any guesses? Mine would be: Anthony (after Tony Tarantino), Archer (since his name was inspired by Quinn Archer from Gunsmoke), James (because 1. everybody’s middle name is James, and 2. that could be where Jimmie came from.), and Marvin (because he uses it so often and because really, if his first name is Quentin who’s going to think anything of Marvin?)

His full name is Quentin Jerome Tarantino.

Yeah, or Quentin Jerome Zastoupil (whichever way you want to look at it)

That’s right. Correct me if I’m wrong, but:

He was born with the name Quentin Jerome Tarantino. When his mother remarried (to Curt Zastoupil), his name was legally changed to Quentin Jerome Zastoupil. Tarantino isn’t legally his name anymore. He uses it as a stage name. Like how Nicolas Cage’s name is really Nicolas Coppola, Quentin Tarantino is really Quentin Zastoupil.

I’m not sure if he changed it back. If he hasn’t, my guess is that, although Curt and his mother divorced, he keeps it because he still considers the Zastoupils his family. Or he’s just lazy.

I can’t really remember where I got this info. It was probably from Jami Bernard’s book which is like 10 years old. I don’t remember any info about his name since then. He probably has changed it back.

Thank you for the clarification. I wonder though, if Tony Tarantino was never a part of Quentin’s life, why didn’t he have his mother’s last name? Although, Quentin McHugh sounds like a Scottish aristocrat, like I picture someone sipping Chivas Regal and fucking a sheep.

As far as I know, he NEVER went by the name Zastoupil

Go to page 37 in Jami Bernard’s book. It says that "Quentin only took back his father’s biological name of Tarantino because he couldn’t stand being called Zastoupil - in school, they had called him ‘Disaster-Pill’"

If he went by Zastoupil in school, that had to be his legal name.

And on page 17 in “Quentin Tarantino: The Cinema of Cool”:

“When Tarantino was aged two, Connie moved back to Los Angeles where she re-married, to Curt Zastoupil, a local musician. Curt adopted Quentin at age two and a half, giving him his surname. In fact, it was only when he had left school and decided to become an actor that Quentin Zastoupil reverted back to the more stage-friendly moniker of Tarantino, the name of his biological father.”

nice research :slight_smile: