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Quentin Tarantino To Begin Filming On 70's Era Crime Feature

It ain’t true. But sounds cool anyway.

[quote=“”]NEW YORK-Filming for the new Quentin Tarantino film “Miles Flatt” will begin shooting in the Queens borough of New York City beginning Tuesday, sources say.

The exact location has been kept guarded due to the high profile cast and expensive set pieces said to be involved.

The feature stars Tarantino regular Samuel L. Jackson in the title role. Jackson plays a suave, cigar smoking, scotch drinking Mutual of Omaha Insurance Investigator from the “Corn Husker State” on the trail of an elusive serial killer targeting the company’s richest policy holders.

The script, based on the best selling book by Cy Limon, is set in the early 1970’s and follows the exploits of the intrepid flat foot as he tracks the mysterious killer from New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and ultimately to a showdown in New Orleans. Along the way, Jackson’s character meets and interacts with a variety of familiar television characters from popular crime shows of the era who help him put together pieces of the puzzle that finally lead to the suspect’s capture.

Among the big names attached to the project (in primarily cameo roles) are Vin Diesel as the Greek loli-pop sucking New York City Police Lieutenant Theo Kojack, George Clooney and Parker Posey as San Francisco Police Commissioner Stewart McMillan (and wife), Benicio Del Toro as disheveled Los Angeles Police Lieutenant Frank Columbo, Josh Brolin as down-N-out Malibu Private Eye James Rockford and Brad Pitt as blind New Orleans Insurance Investigator Michael Longstreet.

The identity of the serial killer and the actor (or actress) cast to play the role has been kept secret, giving birth to a frenzied debate and flurry of rumors across the internet.[/quote]

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