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Quentin Tarantino - the Story

Hi everyone!

We are a group of movie enthusiasts and Tarantino fans. For more than a year we have been collecting information and materials to make the most complete documentary biography that exists right now about Quentin. We have divided it into three parts. Chapter one covers everything from the beginning to Jackie Brown. We just released it on youtube.
We hope you enjoy it!

We are finishing the editing of the second chapter. Please, subscribe to not miss its premiere.

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Hi all! Here is the second volume of our documentary about Quentin Tarantino.

The third volume will be a great present for Christmas

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Hi everyone! We have finally finished the last volume of Quentin Tarantino´s biography. It´s focused in the history of Hollywood and the last Quentin´s film “Once upon a time in Hollywood”.
Enjoy it!
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