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Quentin Tarantino - The Film Geek Files [Paul Woods]

Who owns this book? Who liked it? Who didnt? Who can post a review?

Here’s a link to the book page:

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I´ve got this book, it´s good but it doesn´t go so deep into his life and films but the most is there, interesting book for those who doesn´t know so much about him.

so you would say it’s more of a starting point or overview in your opinion?

Its an overview, although its really good, I would recomend “King of Pulp” also by Paul Woods. But both books are basically filled with good information, for you basic QT knowledge and it has some good interviews.

it’s a great book actually.much better than king pulp which is riddled with inaccuracies.

it is basically a collection of key articles and reviews that came out at the time of each individual film.

it’s brilliant for finding out ,what, say ,the reaction to reservoir dogs was the week it came out.

one of the must have books for any tarantino fan.

I’ll have to look for this book, sounds pretty good.