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I don’t know if this has already been posted - if it has then just merge it into an existing topic - but next Friday (October 3rd) Quentin Tarantino will be hosting a Samurai marathon on IFC (the marathon will feature classics such as Yojimbo and Seven Samurai) and in between each film he’ll naturally be promoting Kill Bill

So make sure to have your tvs set on IFC come next Friday. :wink:

JAAAAAAA- What in the sam hill is IFC. Please tell me, for i know not.

Independant Films Channel

For those that have Direct tv satellite, its channel 131. Its the only station that plays movies uncut, uncensored, and free of commercial breaks…so the Tarantino bits are only gonna be for five to ten minute spurts in between each movie. But still, the movies are awesome, and the transitions between movies will be laden with Kill Bill stuff so its definitely worth attempting to find.

I just looked on the IFC schedule on their website and it has no kurosawa movies playing that day… ???

I love those movies and would love to see this. Let me know when the real date is!

Nevermind. I just checked (which has been changed horribly since the last time I used it :frowning:) and they say it starts at 5 pm (Pacific). Yay! ;D

[quote]Nevermind. I just checked (which has been changed horribly since the last time I used it :frowning:) and they say it starts at 5 pm (Pacific). Yay! ;D[/quote]

It sucks that I’m gonna miss it all (I’m head out of town). At least I’ll be able to catch QT’s intro before I head out the door.

Is it only on Direct TV or is it also on Adelphia Cable. (Not like the 80 channel cable i mean the 300 channel cable)

It should be on Cable. I only know the Direct TV channel, though. You’ll have to search through the 300 adelphia channels to find it, though, because I honestly can’t tell you.

I did. It’s not on there. This news makes me sad.

You sure about this?

I have Dish Network which also hosts IFC on channel 131, but I dont see the movies listed on Dish Entertainment Magazine (Equivalent of Tv Guide for satelite users) nor do I see the movies listed on

Somebody help me out here?

Maybe I’m off on the date, but I remember seeing a promo for the whole marathon. In it, they showed various clips from Yojimbo, Seven Samurai, etc, with Kill Bill (the scene with Pai Mei) added at the end, and then the ad cuts away to Tarantino sitting in front of the camera - dressed like a Reservoir Dog (or Crazy 88 w/out mask) - talking about how influential these movies were to him.

I found IFC! It’s on channel 142 if you have cable. they were playing fear and loathing in las vegas at the same time as i was watching it, so i walked into my parents room and it was at the exact same part. Weird as fuck. Also, it’s widescreen, which is really good. I think it’s the only movie channel that has widescreen. I hope they all change soon.

HBO made movies are in wide screen so i don’t know why they don’t switch outside movies aslOOOOOO. even the mini series are in Widescreen. But HBO movies before like 99’ were in full screen :’(

Just say “But tales from the hood is in full screen”. We know that’s what you mean.

i also ment tales from the hood 2. but naah, when trumphets fade is in full screen and you can tell that hasn’t been adjusted

I too saw and remember the promo for it being on this friday. But my tv’s guide feature and the ifc website seem to think it’s some kind of Coen brothers night on friday. Hmm. And IFC isn’t the only channel that plays movies uncut and uncensored.

[quote]And IFC isn’t the only channel that plays movies uncut and uncensored.[/quote]

True, but it’s the only channel that plays cool movies uncut and uncensored.


Yep, IFC is having a QT hosted Samurai fest tonight. It was reported on AICN yesterday. But they got their info wrong. It’s not – as they reported – “several classic flicks” including “YOJIMBO and SEVEN SAMURAI among others.” It’s just Yojimbo and Seven Samurai.

Here’s the scehdule:

Yojimbo 8pm-10pm

Making of Kill Bill 10pm-10:15pm

Seven Samurai 10:15pm-1:45am

Making of Kill Bill 1:45am-2am

Yojimbo 2am-4am

Yup. I checked out the menu tonight and it looks like they’ve replaced Angel Heart and Way of the Gun with that show tonight.

Will that “Making of” be the same as one seen on Bravo?

damnit i wish i had cable!!!

ive always wondered what Tarantino thought of “Yojimbo”, considering Leone stole it and Quentin is a major fan of Leone and “Fistfull of Dollars.”

Oh well, just someone put the introductions online