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Quentin Tarantino: Interviews [Gerald Peary]

This is really one of the best Tarantino books there is…

I personally own this book and it’s worth every cent (no matter if you buy it in paperback or hardcover). It has an endless amount of very cool Tarantino interviews in it.

Do you also own this? Post your thoughts? Not sure if to buy, ask questions! Discuss this book in here.

Here’s the link to our official bookpage on this item:

surely excellent book . I unfortunately to does not buy this book , because i’m living in fuckin’g poland ! ;(

This is the only Tarantino book I have, and I’ve read it cover to cover. One of the best is the Tarantino and Zemeckis discussion, although the big interview with Lance Lawson is interesting because it’s Quentin going off on different subjects, not just about himself.

yeah, the Zemeckis discussion is very interesting indeed

i think this also has a transcript of the charlie rose interview.

definitely worth a read, this collects interviews (and articles) from various times in qt’s career.

Unless the book has been updated since I bought it, there’s no transcript of the Charlie Rose interview – the one when Pulp came out, I guess you mean.

In the issue of Creative Screenwriting that came out when Grindhouse was released, Quentin mentions how he still plans to stop directing at a certain point because directing is a young man’s game and he doesn’t want his aesthetic to change. He used Robert Zemeckis as a comparison. He can’t believe the guy who made USED CARS directed CONTACT. He said he liked CONTACT, has nothing against CONTACT, but still…

From the director of “Used Cars” comes…


For the record – I LOVED Contact… and Used Cars is cool as hell.

my mistake about charlie rose. i guess what I read was a transcript on the internet.