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Quentin Tarantino in 'Smurfs'


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Well, that’s interesting. If the writer of this article was a Smurf, he’d be Spiteful Smurf, who sits in his mommy’s basement eating spray cheese and Dorito’s, drinking Jolt Cola and typing with one hand as he masturbates to his own blog.

I’m really only disappointed that now I’ll have to go watch the Smurfs.


… spectacular news and a perfect move in the career trajectory of the mighty quentin tarantino …

… family fare has worked beautifully for rodriguez and after a succesion of ultra-violent movies it feels right for q.t. to be involved in a children’s picture just to show everyone he’s not the antichrist. or the devil himself. it feels right …

… anyway, it fits with q.t.'s idiosyncratic personality that he’d do a smurfs movie …