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Quentin on Jimmy Kimmel Live this Thursday

Hi QT fans. I am an Associate Producer at Jimmy Kimmel Live, and I’m looking for true Quentin fans that know the ins and outs of his life and career.

If you think you are an expert at Quentin Tarantino trivia, I’d like to hear from you as soon as possible.

If I find the right fan, he/she could potentially appear on a game show segment with QT this Thursday on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Please contact me at

Thank you.

Tara Varilek

Associate Producer

Jimmy Kimmel Live


Damn, if I was older I would try out. You probably have to be atleast 18 right?

I’m pretty shure that guy’s full of shit. ABC, yeah right.

I think hes telling the truth. I watch Kimmel every night, the other time they had Pamala Anderson trivia deally.

Hi, my name is Erik and I am a producer at Jimmy Kimmel Live. I’m trying to track down huge tarantino fans for a segment on our show. Please contact me if you think you are that person. You will be paid for your appearance. I can be reached via email at or at 323-860-5799. Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

that is nice, unfortunately I live in Germany. But I think there will be quite some people here responding.

And the subject isn’t for me too, because I live in France… But good luck, you’ll sure find someone here :wink:

Can you explain more your show ? (I’m a little it curious)

Yes, you do have to be 18 or older. Sorry.

I’m not from the States, but for those who are…come on guys! It’s a great chance to appear on TV and meet the man himself. Maybe you could mention the name of the site on national television too. That would own.

two producers at the same time asking for fans here, nice

I’d ask him all I need to know about his works.

Haha, where are Buono and DNS when you need them

The Kimmel webpage has QT listed for a Friday showing.

Whoever actually goes on tell us! I need 2 no! It’ll be great to see what our fellow members actually look like. Well, and for those we do know what they look like atleast what they sound like!

Wow so this is for real :o Too bad I live in Texas… Hurricane Rita is scaring the shit out of me…category five! my goodness…ASTROS ROCK!!!

I’m watching the show right now! I cant wait 2 See Who It is?! I hope its somebody from our forum!?

Hahah, plz tell me this Micheal guy is somebody on the forum!

Good show. He didn’t talk about any future projects, but talked a bit about QT6.

It was cool to hear him give a shout-out to Silent Night,Deadly Night and that John Carpenter’s The Thing is his favorite horror movie of the 80’s.

Oh and Michael kicked his ass too! ;D

Anyone know where I can get a download of this show? A torrent site that does Kimmel?

And is this Micheal guy a member of the forum? Probably not.