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Quentin on Conan (updated)

Just saw an ad that stated Vivica A Fox instead of Quentin.  Any idea whats going on?

i heard in another topic that he had the flu

Aaah. Damn that would suck to have the flu at a time like this. Thanks for the info.

conan’s the best, vivica laughed alittle too hard and conan acted like he was blown back by it.

she could of worn something alittle more sexy than she did, something like she wore on the vma’s with more cleavage

he’s not on conan tonight, but his next supposed talk show appearance is on the jimmy kimmel show this thursday. however, who knows if he’ll actually show. i heard he was also supposed to be on the charlie rose show tonight as well, but he’s not. oh well, don’t matter though since the film doesn’t really need the publicity.

aww man i dont get the jimmy kimmel show here in florida

can someone tape it and put it on here after it happens?

that would be cool

Has to be something bad, such as the flu. I was watching E! News Live and they had live coverage of the NYC Kill Bill Premiere. The E! Reporter said something like “Sad that Quentin couldn’t make it tonight” while interviewing Lucy Liu.

Damn, do you guys think he’ll flake for his scheduled appointment at Virgin Megastore in Hollywood for Kill Bill soundtrack signings? I guess all I can really do is call an hr before I leave or something. :frowning:

Hm. He went on Jay Leno, then after that he was sick and couldn’t go to any of the other shows afterwards. Maybe QT has the world’s longest hangover? ;D

I’m almost positive that this has been posted here before but Uma Thurman is on tonight’s Conan. Just a heads up :slight_smile:

I thought that when Lucy Liu was on Conan, I thought that she looked hotter that I have ever seen her look. Man I wanted to just rip that dress off her perfect body and…oh, I"m typing all of this, uh… well, she looked hotttttt!!!

Meh. She’s aight. The clip kicked ass though and the part about Sonny Chiba was hilarious.

look what i read

Quentin was a no-show for the NY premiere - reportedly sick in bed back in LA. However, couple with his sudden cancellations for a whole host of TV promo appearances, the rumor is that he was ‘uninvited’ from the TV shows after his drunken performance on Jay Leno’s show.

could that be true?

he was drunk on jay leno’s show???

When was this?

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Quentin is a guest along with Chuck Palahniuk on Conan, 10-30-03

this was originally posted by newbie poster RojakCastorp.

I checked NBC’s site for Conan and it states:


12:37am 2003-10-30 ALL NEW!

Let’s hope this thing goes down.

Once again Q.T.'s enthusiasm and excitement made the interview so hysterical and awesome to watch. Conan really seemed to feed off of his body language and his “alright’s!” that he’d add in after ever fragmented sentence.

Q.T. talked about what his idea of Gilligan’s Island would be, how he tried to make the Kill.Bill premiere real ghetto (which was so hilarious! ex : free 40s!) and um…obviously the promotion of Kill.Bill Vol 1 and Vol 2 later in 2004.

Overall funny awesome and one of the best Q.T. interview’s I’ve seen even if it felt like 4 or 5 minutes.

Yeah it was much too short. I hope he gets a two-parter on Stern like Uma did.

Stern has nasty hair.

did anyone rip it?