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Quentin Marathon '05 - Overall Discussion

Now that the marathon is over, lets discuss overall QT’s movies. Which one was the best, did he get better how did it change, etc…

I really think QTs films are getting better each time out. You cant really compare them really because theyre all different. Each one has its own unique aspects and coolness. Picking the best is as Mia said: “an exercise in futility”.

Now, personal favorite QT films is something else. For me its always going to be his latest film. So mine is Kill Bill.

he’s definitly improving, and i think thats the best compliment you can give him, Kill Bill 2 was his best film, and im sure his next one (not counting Grindhouse) is gonna put him in the books as one of the best of all times

I think when he - after Grind House - gets back to something more solid, like Inglorious Bastards, or does something else mature like Jackie Brown, and starts a line of work without 6-year-pauses he could really skyrocket, win oscars, earn millions, etc…

I think that’s the only thing QT has yet to reach: build a body of work. i mean he has done great movies, but just… not that many :_)

My favourite is Reservoir Dogs. It is just pure Quentin Tarantino, from Mr. Brown smiling like he’s The-fucking-best and then almost never appearing in the movie, because he’s SHOT, to Mr. Blonde wiping his hands against Marvin’s uniform. Quentin’s a master at those little stylish jokes and things. And then of course the plot is incredibly great and it is flowing just nicely, unlike Pulp Fiction where you get piece of fast action and then listen to Jules for half a fucking hour. In Reservoir Dogs the conversations are in place, action in place, the parts are joined together just perfecty and the characters are ones of the coolest ever.

I admire all extremely neorotic and obsessive people, and QT is wonderfull at being so…:stuck_out_tongue:

he is a fanboys wetdream and his movies are ultimate coolness…

I dont think he got better over time- I think RD is equally as great as KB…but I do think he’s got more ambitious (which works well), and I definitley think he works better with his own stuff (i.e. PF and KB) then when he’s working with other peoples material ((i.e. JB) although he pulls that of well too :slight_smile: )

My Fav- it really depends on my mood, his films are so diffrent that it makes it difficult to compare them to one another, and I guess cause he’s not just making slight variations on the same film style (i.e. ripping of an original movie by just producing sequel after sequel) thats probably what makes all of them so enjoyable. Still, PF is probably the most enjoyable for me.


he is a fanboys wetdream and his movies are ultimate coolness…

Haha, I love that.

The 2005 Quentin Marathon has ended. Thanx to all who participated. hands around cookies :-*

[And as said before, no need to close topics, theyll eventually get lost, and end up on page 2 eventually]