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Quentin at Pittsburgh's Land of the Dead premier

Hi, I’m Liz and I’m pretty new here. I’ve liked Quentin for a couple years now and today I got to see him in person in my hometown of Pitsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was one of the coolest things in my entire life.

George A. Romero, along with Steeltown Entertainment, held a premier of George’s new movie Land of the Dead at our Byham theater. The movie takes place here in Pittsburgh so I thought it was even cooler that they decided to hold the premier here. Anyway, Quentin was confirmed to be there as well as Tom Savini and Robert Rodriguez. I saw this in the paper and knew I had to get tickets to go. So today finally arived and I got there about an hour before it was supposed to start and found a good place to stand. There were a lot of volunteers dressed like zombies that were made up by some of Tom Savini’s students from the Douglas Education Center’s make-up effects program.The one guy who was dressed as a zombie hurse driver kept following me and gave me and the person I was with fake body parts. I got a fake eyeball and the person I was with got a ear with hair on it and what I think to be a kidney. They’re really awesome souvenirs.

Quentin and Robert showed up in a black limo about 15 minutes before the movie was going to start and went down the line of t.v. people while I was snapping pictures. He finally got down to my end and was signing this guy’s picture right in front of me and I was frozen. I just stared at him and was thinking oh my God Quentin Tarantino is right in front of me and I can see every pore on his face!!! He was being hurried into the theater by some woman so I did’t even get to say anything to him but nonetheless I got to see him in person and hopefully got some good pictures of him. Robert didn’t come over to where I was but I got a couple good pics of him as well. Tom Savini, the Sex Machine, wasn’t outside for too long before he went in to be seated as well. Finally, George A. Romero showed up and I got a few pics of him before we went in the theater to get our seats.

Greg Nicotero was there and said some words about growing up around here (North Hills) and how George influenced and inspired him to persue a career in film. Finally, a city councilman awarded George with his very own day so June 22 is George A. Romero Day. The movie’s blood and gore were amazing thanks to Greg. Tom Savini had a cameo in the movie which was kick ass. In all my dreams I never thought Quentin would come to this city and I would be able to say that I was able to see him in the flesh. So all around it was a very cool night that I will remember for the rest of my life.

wow, that’s nice!!

and most of all (with picture):

Can you post your photo ? Becoz you say that they are great !

Thx in advance :wink:

Yeah, I’d be happy to do that. I took the pics with a Kodak Advantix camera so I still have to take them to be developed and put onto a picture CD. I should have them up within the week. :wink:

Cool :smiley:

Thx in advance !

Cool report:


Ooh thanks for that link. It was a good read.

As promised, here are the pics I took at the premier. Enjoy.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … a17dfa.jpg”></LINK_TEXT> --Quentin & Robert arriving

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … daf965.jpg”></LINK_TEXT> --Greg Nicotero arriving

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 6b0e40.jpg”></LINK_TEXT> --Press line

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … a2dcb3.jpg”></LINK_TEXT> --Robert, Greg, Quentin, Tom in press line

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … c5b8d4.jpg”></LINK_TEXT> --Robert, Greg, Quentin, Tom in press line

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 22a6cb.jpg”></LINK_TEXT> --Robert, Greg, Quentin in press line

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … d16169.jpg”></LINK_TEXT> --Greg, Tom and Robert Joy

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 674247.jpg”></LINK_TEXT> --Greg, Tom and Robert Joy

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … entin4.jpg”></LINK_TEXT> --Quentin in press line talking to G4

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … entin3.jpg”></LINK_TEXT> --Quentin getting closer…

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … loseup.jpg”></LINK_TEXT> --Quentin right in front of me! :o

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … entin2.jpg”></LINK_TEXT> --Quentin looking right at me!!! :o

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 2aa206.jpg”></LINK_TEXT> --Robert Rodriguez

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 33b26e.jpg”></LINK_TEXT> --Robert looking cute :wink:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 29d466.jpg”></LINK_TEXT> --Pedro Miguel Arce and George A. Romero in press line

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … dd6930.jpg”></LINK_TEXT> --Eugene Clark and George A. Romero in press line

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 906b94.jpg”></LINK_TEXT> --Eugene Clark and George A. Romero closer

That’s all folks!

Why is Romero always in that Green jacket? Oops, this is supposed 2 be about QT.hehe

Thx a lot Liz87 ! :wink:

Must be cool to see all that persons next to you…

Great shots! Swooning over close up Tarantino shots. To have him that close up, whoa.

you rule Liz

Aww thanks. I was just surprised that I took any good pictures at all because I was so awestruck with seeing these amazing people. I’m lucky I got my finger to move from its petrified state to push the button on the camera when Quentin came near me lol. It was very awesome to see him up close and I’m glad you all liked my pictures. :slight_smile:

Here are two other articles about the event from the University of Pittsburgh:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 233e4da39f”></LINK_TEXT>

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 234d316e90”></LINK_TEXT> --This one is pretty funny.

nice job!!!

The shot with Quentin staring right at you is now on my desktop. GREAT JOB!

Thanks! That’s awesome. These are definately the best pictures I have ever taken. Glad you like them. :wink:

Here are a couple more good pictures that I found on

What the fuck!!! I never saw this topic before! You mean QT, RR, and George fucking’ Romero were in the same theatre at once!!! Those are my biggest fucking idols, not to sound like a gay little girl, but I’ll be damned! What did QT think of Land Of The Dead? Does anyone know?