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Quentin at Hero screening/LA Film Festival

When I picked up my tickets for the screening of “Hero” at the 2004 L.A. Film Festival, I asked if there will be any special guests. The lady said that Quentin Tarantino will probably be introducing the movie, and director Zhang Yimou has been asked to appear also. The stars of the movie have also been asked to show up.

This is the uncut 120 minute version right? You know what’s gonna be cut out of the release that most people are going to see?

It’s supposed to be the uncut version now. Although there has been no confirmation of this. I supposed because Miramax wants to keep it secret that they had fucked the other version up completely

Hey, are you certain Quentins gonna be there?

Also did you buy your ticket only for Hero, or like a few other viewings?

When is the screening?..can anyone buy tickets?..or do yo have to be a VIP?

I am not certain that Quentin is going to be there. I forgot if the employee at the L.A. Film Festival booth told me that Quentin is going to be there to introduce the movie for sure, or if he’s probably going to be there.

I bought a ticket fo “Hero” and for tomorrow night’s showing of that Z Channel documentary which also involves Quentin because he is interviewed about that former Los Angeles area pay t.v. channel. That is, if I’m not wrong about his interview there.

“Hero” is screening tonight on June 18, 2004 at 8:30p.m. Anybody can buy tickets, but when I last checked “” it said that tickets are now only available at the door instead of being available by phone and at the ticket office like before.

anybody know what all is edited out of the 90 minute version?

So How did this go? also was Quentin there?

Did anybody see the Z-CHANNEL doc that showed at LA Film Festival that has a QT interview? I missed it and was hoping to catch it again …

When “Hero” was shown at the L.A. Film Festival on June 18, it was the 98 minute version. It also didn’t seem to be that good of a movie. Most of the fight scenes weren’t that good. But if there is a director’s cut, I wonder if that one will be better.

Sorry, but Quentin didn’t appear at the screening. The lady at the L.A. Film Festival ticket office said something about Quentin appearing at the screening to introduce the movie, but that probably wasn’t for sure.

On the following night, I saw the Z Channel documentary. It was very good, maybe just because I have memories of watching The Z Channel. And yes, Quentin was interviewed during the documentary. Some people laughed when Quentin was shown, and maybe that’s because they thought that he sounded funny during his interview.

I think its fucked up Quentin had to come in and say that they shouldnt cut the movie.