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QT's reviews removed from his website

Hey, everyone. Sorry if this is the wrong category for this topic, but I’m not sure where it belongs.

Anyway, remember when QT was posting film and TV review on the website for the New Beverly theater he owns? Well, as of a few days ago, they’re gone. Anyone know why they were removed, and if they’ll appear somewhere else?

Unfortunately we don’t know either :frowning: some folks on Twitter have pondered whether it might have something to do with QT’s non-fiction book coming out this year and maybe these reviews find their way into it… still always a bad thing to see online content vanish, but alas, we don’t have any more info on it at this point.

Wayback Machine- QT Reviews

This should do the trick. The site was a little buggy earlier, but refreshing brought up every review I checked out. :film_projector: :film_strip: :clapper:

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