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QT's next film is spaghetti western?

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Is this my lucky day?

Lionsgate recently acquired a good chunk of Miramax’s catalogue for DVD/Blu/OnDemand/etc. distribution. I wouldn’t be surprised if this unveiling of THE WHOLE BLOODY AFFAIR is priming the pump for a late 2011 home video release

My Best friend likes all Westerns and QT films, I will have to tell him, in fact we planned next time we see each other to watch a marathon of westerns together, I have only seen a few in my life, but my friend and I like Claudia Cardinale alot so she’s in westerns. WOW my friend will be excited about QT’s new project YAY !

This is the Django topic atm:

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my sources tell me that QT, as well as Rodriguez and Eli Roth might be on board of Franco Nero’s spaghetti western… nothing is fixed yet but I will post a link as soon as i know more