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QT's favorite death scene

Asked by FHM to pick his favorite death scene, the “Grindhouse” director selects the 1982 Italian horror flick “Tenebre,” directed by Asia Argento’s dad, Dario, in which a victim paints the wall with blood after her arm is chopped off. Second is 2001’s “Jason X,” where a fiend solidifies a woman’s face by forcing it into liquid nitrogen, then slams it against a counter so it shatters like glass. Tarantino also loves 1981’s “The Prowler,” in which a girl showers while her boyfriend lies in bed. “[The prowler] sticks a bayonet through the top of his head so it comes down through his chin . . . [Then] he goes into the shower, where the chick is naked, and he stabs her with a pitchfork and, as she’s screaming, he lifts her up the wall.”

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I love that Jason X scene myself. Shattering face. cool.

Cant believe he didn’t say the shotgun scene in Maniac, it’s one of my favorite scenes.

How about that death scene in “Dobermann” when Vincent Cassel shaves Christini´s head on the asphalt? Think it´s a great one (like the whole movie).