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here’s what I just got from MOVIEHOLE:

A little disappointed he couldn’t find him a role in “Kill Bill� nor get the planned “Vega Brothers� off the ground, Quentin Tarantino has decided John Travolta will definitely be in his next picture. The renowned writer-director is in talks with Miramax to do an airplane thriller, with Travolta fittingly cast as the film’s pilot. Not unexpectedly, considering Tarantino’s love for the old classics, his film will have an Airport/Towering Inferno-like disaster story intertwined in it – in this case, the ultimate airline disaster.

The flick, which Tarantino also hopes to have “Jackie Brown� lead Pam Grier co-starring in, is planned to happen as soon as he finishes work on his World War II pic “Inglorious Bastards�, which he apparently couldn’t find a role for JT in either. It’s in draft stage. And what’s the status of “Vega Brothers�? According to our scooper, it’s dead as a doornail – never to happen.

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  1. AFTER inglorious bastards
  2. vega bros is DEAD AS A DOORMAIL

my ideas on this…

He’s gonna do a homage to all kinds of plane disaster movies.

Pam Grier will again play Jackie Brown, the Cabo Air stewardess, fighting with the plane terrorists. John Travolta is the pilot.

I think this is actually a pretty good idea.

I just hope there is no Al Quaeda politics-references stuff in the movie


A QT Airplane Disaster Movie! :slight_smile:

What do you think he’ll call it? Who should he cast?

I think he should cast a bunch of famous cult movie actors (some of his own actors from past movies too) with John Travolta as the pilot of course.

There will surely be that catchy QT dialogue everyone loves in it.

I think this film will be a blockbuster type film that EVERYONE will go see. Even moreso than Pulp Fiction. Should be a total blast!

for some reason, as soon as i read this, the first idea for a title that popped into my head was “Quentin Tarantino’s: Aeroplane”. i have no idea why, but it did. Either way, a movie like this is begging to be done by QT, and im totally stoked at this announcement. it came out of left field too…man. Atleast we’re getting a good dose of QT in the future.

I think it would rule…indeed, maybe blockbuster motherfucker

potential…that would rule…

QT did an interview with empire too, in which he said that vega brothers is mos def canceled, but he’s doing a sequel of pulp in the future…

check the short article:

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I can’t belive it!!

This started off as a joke! I’d been reading about it for a while, and just thought it sounded a little like fan-boy humour,

I know it will be a cool movie, but in a way hope that pam griers, jackie brown will not be the same charictor, if so is it set before or after Jackie Brown? if its a disaster movie not after, knowing Tarantino Everybodys Gonna DIE! & if not it could end up a happy, happy hollywood story where your favorite main charictors survive, It’s easy to see why people would put 2 & 2 together and think Pam will be the flight attendant but who knows for sure see’s gonna be in it? she’s only been mentioned.

Personally i hope all of his charictors wont appear with all these little cameos people are talking about, as this does sound like fan-boy humour which Q.T has said that he does not DO! - although i know it would be cool, but just don’t do it!

I’m a MASSIVE Tarantino fan, and know this movie WILL be as good as the other classics he’s done, but just aint 100% sure on this one, guess we’ll just have to wait & see.


I dont think Pam is going to play Jackie Brown. Thats Elmore Leonards World not QTs. Pam may play a flight attendant, but I doubt it. She’ll probably play one of the passengers thats the take charge type.

I dont care about the casting because QT is the master when it comes to that. Whoever he picks is 100% cool with me. Id like to be surprised.

I just know this movie will be alot of fun.


I don’t care about blockbuster potential whatever…

I just hope he works alot everyday on making movies… so we don’t need to wait 6 years for the next Tarantino entertainment…

And what’s the status of “Vega Brothersâ€?? According to our scooper, it’s dead as a doornail – never to happen.


lets be realistic now guys…we have no idea how long its gonna be before we see this movie. This could EASILY just be him saying something he’d LIKE to do…(like Vega Bros was) he has 3 World War II scripts…THREE! If he films all of them and releases them as one big movie (or 3 movies, I don’t know) than who knows when this airplane movie may come into play.

remember how there was that offer to Tarantino to do the Shaw Bros movie remake? Where’d that go? THis could EASILY be out the window aswell…and if DOES get made we won’t see it for probably 3-5 years.

QT has written more than just those WW2 scripts. He may already have written The Airplane movie for John Travolta.

Anyway, anything is better than the Vega Bros movie. And I really doubt hes going to be doing a Shaw Bros remake. Kill Bill has filled that void for now. If he did that would be a long time from now. I think hes going to be doing his own stuff for awhile.

The kinds of movies QT has mentioned wanting to make have been: a giallo, a crime film, a Blood Island- Body Melt type movie and now a Airplane thriller.


remember how there was that offer to Tarantino to do the Shaw Bros movie remake? Where’d that go? THis could EASILY be out the window aswell…and if DOES get made we won’t see it for probably 3-5 years.[/quote]

Maybe even longer. This sounds about as vague as Stanley Kubrick talking about the project that would eventually become Eyes Wide Shut all the way back in the seventies when he was doing press rounds for A Clockwork Orange. Hopefully QT will become more productive than he has been over the past six years, but if he stays the course he’s on now, it could very well be TWENTY years before we see an Airplane thriller by QT, and by then it certainly wouldn’t have Pam Grier or John Travolta.

i’d love to see this movie but im not even going to think about it right now…right now im just waiting for kill bill vol. 2 and hoping for a release date for inglorius bastards…

Wow. This is some cool, unexpected news. How about we have a little fun? What do you think will be the title of the movie? Knowing QT it will probably be a two-word title. I would post my title ideas, but I’m sort of out of any sort of inspiration right now. I’ll get back to ya when I think of something. :slight_smile:

I guess it’s just me but this sounds campy and very un-QT.

The Airplane thriller has been done WAYY too many times. I don’t see what QT could bring too it. But if he makes a serious airplane thriller that I like, wow, that will be one hell of an airplane thriller. I just see it being a retread of Con Air, Die Harder, Air Force One… and the half million airplane thrillers made in the 70s. I know QT doesn’t make retreads. But I don’t see how you can make an airplane thriller with out it being camp to the max and having half a dozen cliches.

Qt’s thriller will be nothing like Con Air. Wtf man, you’re seriously comparing QT to Simon fucking West?!

I really enjoyed Con Air for some reason. I know its Simon West, but I just had fun with it. I think it was the cast that made the difference. It was really funny too. But Con Air isnt a disaster film its a hijack film.

Puck: Dont compare QT to Kubrick please. I hate that shit. QT is QT.

ledfloyd: Camp? I dont think QT is going to go that far. Im sure he can write a decent airplane thriller.

If QT makes a big airplane disaster film, you can be sure its gonna kick ass.

Con Air for me was nothing special. Just the same old tired Bruckeimer explosive fest. The only cool thing were the villains, Simon West was lucky to get Malkovich, Buscemi, Trejo, Rhames, Cusack and Cage in 1 movie. Hell, with that kind of cast every movie could kick ass. I watched it once, it was okay I guess, but I probably wouldn’t watch it again.

As for Qt’s film, I thought of some titles. I know they can sound campy, but fuck it  it’s just for fun.  - Celestial Hell

                           - Panic Plane

                           - Death Plane

                           - One-way ticket

                           - Travolta


Of course one of them is a joke. Or maybe all of them are, you decide.  ;D

I’m pretty sure it will be good. But I can’t think of an airplane thriller without thinking camp or cliche. I think Tarantino will really knock me on my ass with this one. But I can’t even conceive what it will be like.

Some fun title ideas:

Staying Airborne

Look Whos Crashing Now

747 Down

The Big Plane

Dead Air

Death Flight

Flight To Hell

Unlucky Passengers

Terror at 37,000 Feet

Terror Flight

Deadly Elevation

The Big Engine Failure