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QT What If...?

What if QT remade the Lone Wolf and Cub movie(s)? I’m volumes deep into the Lone Wolf and Cub series (by acclaimed author Kazuo Koike and artist Goseki Kojima), and I can’t stop thinking about how amazing a cinematic remake of the epic story of Itto Ogami would be… I haven’t even been able to get ahold of the original movie series, but I’m still certain QT would be able to set new standards in the comics/manga/cinema genre that’s become one of Hollywood’s biggest moneymakers. And fuck the $$$ making part of it! I just wanna see QT’s amazing translation of Kazuo and Goseki’s work. Even if it’s Samurai Executioner or Path of the Assassin. QT seems like the only director with the ability to bring these works (and works like them) to life.