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QT to write and direct Ghostbusters remake?

From Bloody Disgusting

"We, uh, aren’t really looking to necessarily ‘reinvent’ the franchise, it’s more of an actual sequel," Tarantino tells B-D in regards to the story, "the problem is we can’t convince Bill Murray to return!"

After talking with the new producers we discovered that Robert Rodriguez was so impressed with Freddy Rodriguez in GRINDHOUSE, that they’ve already signed him as one of the new Ghostbuster students, “Besides, we like his last name,� Rodriguez jokes. But here’s what some fans might get pissed at, apparently Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are in talks to replace Murray as the Ghostbuster Dr. Peter Venkman.

So what exactly is the film then? A remake or a sequel? Rodriguez explains, “Rob Zombie really inspired us with what he is doing with HALLOWEEN… he has shown you can recreate a franchise with the same elements but make it better. With a massive budget of $250 million, GHOSTBUSTERS is going to be the most epic theater experience of your life!”

Another April Fools prank.



Another April Fools prank.
Yep :slight_smile: