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QT to present Spaghetti westerns in Venice this year

i read that QT will present a serie of Spaghetti westerns during the Venice Film Festival this year. Any news on that? this is good news because, every year great Italian Film fully restored (like DiLeo’s Milan Calibro 9 or Mario Bava’s Planet of the Vampire) are screened during the Festival. This is financed by the Prada Foundation. I remember a photo call with him, Joe Dante and Barbara Bouchet, two years ago for the screening of Milan Caliber 9! Usually DVD releases, with masters from the gorgeous new and restored material follows. (by the way, and ‘QT’ and ‘JD’ are thanked at the begining of two Di Leo’s DVD)… Look out, great things may happen there 8)

Excellent! We probably would never have seen those great DiLeo films among many others without QTs help. Hes been very influential on bringing all those great foreign classics to the masses. Hes like the Martin Scorsese for the 70s exploitation film preservation. Gotta thank the QT for that as well as his own great film work.

yeah! i hope it means very rare westerns brought to light again with great masters!! the dvd they made for Planet of the vampires is one of my favorite ever… not too many extras (trailers) but the transfer is a knock-out and so is the artwork… (italian R2 DVD, with Eng subs)

POTV is one of my faves. Pure Bava eye candy. I love it! Interested to see what treasures QT has got for this fest.

i hope he brings some rare spaghetti westerns…but, he has brought attention to a number of them and there are only a select few that are EXCELLENT and haven’t had a good release…when i say that, i dont mean just region 1 release i mean all reasons, thats why i figure that most of the Excellent spaghetti westerns have had atleast one nice release. Here’s my list of spaghetti westerns: Fistful of Dollars, Few Dollars More; Good, Bad, Ugly; Once Upon a Time in the West; Duck, You Sucker; The Great Silence; Django; The Mercenary; Companeros; Navajo Joe; The Big Gundown, Face to Face; Run, Man, Run; Mannaja; Grand Duel; Death Rides a Horse; A Pistol for Ringo.

The Mercenary, Navajo Joe, and A Pistol for Ringo, all haven’t had any decent release…i hope they do soon.

In the itw that Seb did, QT mentionned Calvin Jackson Padget (aka Giorgio Ferroni) as a director he liked. he did some great films. so maybe those ones. Tony Anthony films like Blindman or the Stranger serie would be more than welcome ehehehe

ive never seen any of his films. I’m really hoping for the mercenary and navajo joe though.

there is a cool Italian DVD of the Mercenary. I got a great widescreen print of Navajo Joe on TV, unfortunately dubbed in English. previously i had it on a pan and scanned tape. There is a Japanese DVD out there also…

Tony Anthony’s best is Blindman, it is a remake of Zatoichi. Ringo Starr plays the bad guy.

how good is sergio corbucci’s film, “Companeros”. I’m thinking about buying it. I loved The Great Silence and Django, and since there arent any good american prints of Mercenary and Navajo Joe, i’ve been looking for another Corbucci film. Have i found it with Companeros? Is it out of the same vein as Great Silence, and Joe, or is it more light hearted and funny like Run, Man, Run. Any help would be appreciated.

its more like the mercenary, its great and fun, i love it, the opening is fantastic

is it like a comedy type spaghetti western, or is it a totally serious one?

it is more a comedy but from time to time, they throw a brick in the window