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QT to do new Bond series?

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I’ve always wanted to see QT doing a spy movie kind of thing, and that sounds actually good. Back from the days, during the casting of IB Pegg had to dispute the role of Hicox and since that, I’ve wanted to see him in a QT movie and this could be it, if QT is even pondering that idea seriously. As we know, he talks much about the movies he could make and the most of deals are just with no foundation ideas.

The title of this thread is misleading.

I say: Do it! I’m not interested in the modern Bond, so a new cool spy franchise, created by QT, would be hella awesome.

It would be cool if Tarantino made these movies.

But still, I kinda have a feeling, he won’t.

We’ll see…

QT has been talking about those books for years! robert foster reads one of them in a scene of Jackie Brown. i love deighton’s books. it’s a serie of 6 books (2 trilogies) he wrote after the Ipcress serie. the stories are amazing even though there is very little action in them.

unfortunatly i don’t really see it happening, even tought it would be really, really, really cool.

Personally, I’ve never really liked bond and I have tried time after time to get into 007, but it just seems to never happen. I would love to see QT do a Modesty Blaise type of spy film, but of course anything he does i’ll go see it.

Len Deighton is nothing like James Bond. It’s closer to John Le Carre. But it’s really funny and it focuses a lot on the private life of the characters. Deighton is the guy who wrote The Ipcress Files by the way. Modesty Blaise is really weaker material imo. It’s camp and fun, but the books aren’t very good. Deighton is the shit!

I’m more excited about the names he’s throwing out in these quotes than these bondlike movies. Probably because I think that a movie with those actors would probably happen, but this Bondlike trilogy is just another QT project to me.

If it gets made I’d be thrilled, a Bondlike film with Pegg, it’d be like a dream come true! :>

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don’t u just love gossip? Basterds isn’t even out :slight_smile:

Correct me if I’m wrong but Pegg was approached for a role in IB but it didnt happen. The only reason being schedules conflicts. So, I can imagine that Pegg and QT will happen soon!

I just remembered that! :smiley:

I must admit I don’t like that combination of Tarantino and Pegg. Qt has a dark sense of humor and Pegg, he’s a nerdy type of sense of humor. Like his love for Star Wars and lightsabers.