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QT to direct Jimi Hendrix biopic?

Have anybody heard anything about this ?

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JIMI HENDRIX Biopic To Be Directed By QUENTIN TARANTINO? - Apr. 25, 2006

According to, Quentin Tarantino has reportedly signed on to direct the long-awaited Jimi Hendrix biopic. The movie maker is huge fan of the script of the film, according to producers at Dragonslayer Films, and will team up with Hendrix’s brother Leon to tell the story of the guitar great’s life.

Tarantino will have full access to Hendrix’s music and likeness when he starts shooting is scheduled to begin later this year in Seattle, Washington; New York, Toronto, Canada; and London.

Senior executive producer Elle Von Lear has access to interviews and live footage of the rock legend, which will be incorporated in the film.

If this is true (who knows at this point) I hope he doesnt do this until Inglorious Bastards is finished.

Not a single word of that here that I’ve heard. If anything is mentioned I’ll pass it along. Tonights live coverage was pretty scaled back but glad to break who the special guest was and the trailers. A bit tough doing live coverage with no Internet but I still found a way to get it done. It was a pretty cold night and I wasn’t prepared for it at all. I really was hoping it would get moved indoors.

The meetup was fun we had two people from there. Mr. and David. I’m not sure if Sean posts here (from NY). Jette from Cinematical. Others were Annie and her husband. The rest was the AICN crew minus Harry. Seeing the twist tie in Roland’s burrito was pretty funny and puzzling.

Here’s another link with similar info:

If this is true, I think that it’ll be really interesting to see. He uses music in his films better than anyone else in the business. An entire QT-directed movie entirely devoted to music? Now that would be cool to watch.

If this is true, I think that it’ll be really interesting to see. He uses music in his films better than anyone else in the business.

Except for Martin Scorsese.

Except for Martin Scorsese.

Well, our man’s at least a close second. ;D

I think this is near to total bullshit.

Why should QT signing a contract while watching all these movies down in Austin?

Beside this fact there is an official(?) Dragonslayer Films press release about this news and in this it is mentioned that Tarantino currently working in China on Kill Bill 3.

What a crap…

Here’s an excerpt from the press release:
Infamous, music loving director Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill 1 & 2, and currently working in China on Kill Bill 3) has signed on to direct Dragonslayer’s first major feature, the Jimi Hendrix story. Scripts are currently being worked on, and Tarantino will have full access to Hendrix’s music, likeness, and brother Leon to tell the real shocking story. Shooting is scheduled to begin later this year with outdoor shots in Seattle, New York, and London, and interiors in Toronto.

Whole article here:

It turned out it was pure bullshit


I wonder if you get paid just for signing up to do a movie. That’s probably where Quentin gets all the money for his coke habit: by promising to make 23,000 movies that he knows he’ll never direct.

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a clarification (april 29):

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My friend read it in the newspaper this morning. But please tell my it aint true…

it aint true :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Bad Max”]
it aint true :stuck_out_tongue:
thank you!!! hehe

I told her it was bs so it is good i didnt make a fool of myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. Whoever made this rumor up sure is random then.

It’s all denied. Even by Tarantino himself.

World Entertainment News Network reports the following:

Cult director Quentin Tarantino has rubbished reports he is planning a big-screen biopic of legendary guitar great Jimi Hendrix. […] A representative for the director tells, “It’s not a project Quentin has any involvement with, and his representatives have never been contacted by anyone associated with it.” [/quote]

Complete article here:

they keep talking about this on MTV, I watch mtv very rarely but I’ve seen 2 newsshows and in both they have talked about this.

He has said he is not doing it and even if he did he would have to wait to do it after grind house, then IB so it would be happening in about three years or something…which it is not.

Why does anybody even care about these “rumors” anyway? We all know that throughout Tarantino’s 14+ years of being a director, he’s only actually directed 4 feature length films and is in the process of working on a short film/whatever you want to call it right now, so even if he did make this movie it probably wouldn’t be for at least another 80 years or so.

well actually 5. Pulp Fiction,RD, Jackie Brown and Kill Bill 1 and 2. I know Kill Bill is like one whole movie but he had to split it up so I like to say 5. But it doesnt matter lol I am just running my mouth off it doesnt really matter you can say 4 or 5. lol sorry about this.

I do agree that people shouldn’t worry about rumours. The only thing I read about is stuff that comes from the horses mouth.