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QT Talks About Chung King Express

I was watching this little video clip from the DVD for Chungking Express. In it QT talks about Wong Kar Wai’s Ashes Of Time epic film and how in between working on that he made Chungking Express as a way to break away from the huge project and loosen himself up. This made me think right away of QTs Death Proof and Inglorious Bastards. Take a look and see what you think:

I’m glad QT loves Wong Kar-Wai, he is a terrific director and this movie is really good. Thx for the link, I’m gonna watch it as soon as possible :wink:

Edit : He’s so true about the movie, I always relate California Dream to this movie. And the connection to the French Nouvelle Vague is right too. Anyway thx again for this link :wink:

I’d like to check some of those movies out for sure.

Have you seen any of Wong Kar-Wai ? Cause you should definitively check out.

Never heard of the guy. LoL

But I’ll keep my eye out now.

Ahah he’s very famous though. Check out Fallen Angels (my fav of him), In the Mood For Love, Chunking Express, As Tears Go By, Happy Together. I haven’t seen Ashes of Time for now. And I can’t wait for Lady From Shanghai and My Blueberry Nights :smiley:

Ashes of Time is mindblowing.

Watch Chungking Express first, then Fallen Angels because it’s a semi-sequel. Both are fantastic.

In the Mood for Love and 2046 (sequel) are somewhat perfect, too.

Then go watch the rest of his films. Days of Being Wild is also related to Mood and 2046. Days was originally supposed to start a trilogy, but only the first part got made at the time because it didn’t do so well at the box office. Wong later changed his original plans a bit but Mood can still be considered a sequel to Days of Being Wild. 2046 was originally supposed to be a sci-fi thriller about a future post man, but somehow it turned into a Mood sequel.

That’s the funny thing about Wong. It seems like he has no idea what he’s doing while filming. In the Mood for Love for example took years to complete. They shot footage that differs from the finished movie like day and night. Ashes of Time was a mess, so he took vacation and shot Chungking Express. It was getting too big, too, so he had to drop the third story from it. After Chungking he went back to finish Ashes. Then he took the left over story from original Chungking scrip, added one new story and that’s Fallen Angels. Even Happy Together could’ve have blown into his hands because he gave Tony Leung and Leslie Cheng a censored version of the script that had all the gay sex scenes removed. Uou can imagine how they reacted when they found out the truth. And you can imagine how Tony Leung reacted when Leslie Cheung later came out from the closet in real life ;D

Despite all that, the finished movies are masterpieces without equal. I guess he’s a creative madman of some sort.

Chungking Express is one of my favourite movies ever. its awesome.

I have the german DVD of it which also includes this Tarantino stuff, just like the US Rolling Thunder release.

Thanks for that youtube link, Pete. Awesome!

Haven’t seen that QT clip before, even though I’ve seen Chun king Express.

It was nice hearing Tarantino talk about the Brigitte Lin films. I’ve seen all the one’s he mentioned!

I’ve seen a lot of Hong Kong films and few Wong Kar Wai films… Ashes of Time, etc. but haven’t seen much of the French New Wave films. I enjoyed “Jules et Jim” however.

Always learn something when QT talks.

Thanks again, Pete!