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QT Role as Jimmie

Personally I don’t think QT did a very good job playing the role as Jimmie in Pulp Fiction. Flame me all you want, but you can tell he’s stumbling over his lines, trying to think what’s next.

He stumbles and stutters when he says

"There’s nothing you can say that will make me forget that I love my wife, is there?"

That’s the most obvious one.

Now I’m not saying he did an awful job, it was mediocre, but I’m not sure if casting himself for that part was the best decision. All though it really would’ve made no major difference in the movie.

I thought he was fine as Jimmie. Some of his lines are the funniest stuff in the movie. Its no academy award winning performance but its good enough.

Yeah, but why cast yourself, when you could’ve gotten someone better?

Who gives a damn? The movies 10 years old.

I love Qt’s role as Jimmie. It’s one of the most unique scenes in the movie. In fact, it’s my favorite part of the movie, hence my screen name.

when i watch PF i cant wait for jimmie’s part. jimmie is frickin great!!! the look on his face when jules is talking about how good the coffee is is the best. the whole dead nigger storage bit is hilarious. i though QT did a great job. he may not be the best actor but he did that role damn good.

its the damn funniest scene in the movie.

Jimmie is my favorite character in the movie after Jules. I thought QT did good as Jimmie and Mr. Brown. He’s horrendous as Mr. White on the Resevoir Dogs DVD.

Doing good is not exactly what I consider stumbling over lines, and over doing phrases. Though he did do “ok”.

Well, in this case, you gotta remember what kind of person QT is… he acts just like that in RL, so it’s just him. I never noticed him stumbling over his lines or anything.

He stumbles and stutters when he says

“There’s nothing you can say that will make me forget that I love my wife, is there?”

That’s the most obvious one.

^^ Watch that part again.

I thought he was great as Jimmie. Whenever I look at that part, I don’t see an actor giving a mediocre performance, I see the quirky personality of an awesome director manifesting itself on screen through the greatest medium possible - QT himself! It would have sucked to have had another actor play the part because it was written FOR Quentin BY Quentin.

And its definitely one of my favorite scenes in the movie.

Actually, didn’t he write the role of Lance for himself? I think I read that somewhere… but he changed his mind for some reason. I’ll have to find where I read that…

he wanted to be Lance, but decided not too cause he wanted to be behind the camera for that part…plus I’m sure Eric Stoltz was a better choice…then again Stoltz could of done and equally good performance as Jimmie.

You know who was fucking awesome, Jodie (Lance’s wife), she did an amazing job acting, too bad she didn’t have much of a part.

Interestingly enough, I dunno how many people know this, but Pam Grier auditioned for the role of Jodie. She did a great job, but QT didn’t cast her because he didn’t want to see her getting pushed around like Jodie was in the movie. She liked her too much to see her treated that way.

yeh…QT didnt think it was believable for PG to be bossed around like jodie was.

Pam Grier, believe it or not is not that great of an actress. Plus I can’t see Pam Grier as a trashy, slutty burnt out chick. The actress that played Jodie was perfect.

Mr White is a relative to Jimmie!

Mr White’s real name is (watch the special features on the reservoir dogs dVD) Lawrence Dimick

[quote]Yeah, but why cast yourself, when you could’ve gotten someone better?[/quote]

It cost less money to cast yourself which is really smart.
I'd cast myself in my own movies.