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I am new to this group and am wondering if anyone can direct me to a list of the Q Tarantino Presents “kung Fu” DVDs.



well there aren’t many kung fu flicks.

I think it really just comes down to

The 36th Chamber of the Shaolin (through Dragon Dynasty)

The One-Armed Swordsman (through Dragon Dynasty)

Iron Monkey

and maybe

Hero, if you want to count that as a kung fu flick

we have an "under construction" "QT presents" list here:

I don’t think this is characterized as a Kung-Fu flick, but I just bought The Protector with Tony Jaa presented by QT.

yeah, no kung fu flick. plus, it’s boring as fuck… ong bak kinda cool because of the fights, but even that gets boring wrapped around a porn-quality-story and endless repeatings of knee-hits-skull, followed by ellbow-hits-head. yawn… that thai dude is a fucking sleeping pill.

i wanna see Chocolate, that promises to be ong bak with… not so boring

Yeah, the story wasn’t very well written. The idea was pretty cool, but it could have been a bit less stupid. I like the Thai fighting and the stunts though.

Iron Monkey, which was presented by QT for it’s theatrical (re)release in the US, gets the BluRay treatment: