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QT on Trio


I somehow deleted the old topic with all the Trio QT special stuff,

so here’s the interview:

and here’s what they broadcasted:


Notice the Battle Royale T-shirt.


I can’t get that to work, can anyone post a pic of him in the BR t-shirt?

peep this shit, i’m about to buy it-


Cool T-Shirt




Yeh im’a stop postin that shit now.


Instead of saying word all the time, say something like "narf"

Trust me, it sounds a lot cooler


in gangster voice Narf :-/ … in normal voice narf :-/…in high voice narf :-/…

…Nah, narf don’t have the same ring to it. Forget both words.


You gotta keep saying it and eventually you’ll feel the power. Trust me


It seems like a cross between ‘barf’ and ‘narc’, it just won’t cut it for me.


narf sucks, word was better


[quote]narf sucks, word was better[/quote]



But Ify is so cool, that he can say anything and get away with it. Trust me


No need Buono… No need :’(