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QT on Jimmy Kimmel

did anyone see when Quizzy Tarantizzy waz on Jimmy Kimmel Live-he directed the studio audience play it was so fuckin awesome, it was a parody of when fred savage insulted kimmel at a party except in this version there waz a 3 way gun duel-after kimmel shot savage QT yelled CUT! and poured a whole gallon of fake blood on savage-it was fuckin hilarious they even used dialogue from pulp fiction “ima mushroom cloud layin mutha fucka, some guns of navarone shit”

damn, I missed that one. When did it air?

I hate Jimmie Kimmel with a STRONG passion, But I admit that was kinda funny.

The man show is alright some times (but its usually real sexest)

Kimmel a real Ass. I love him. The thing that I think is so fuckin’ funny about Kimmel, is that he’s very polite and proper, he acts like a really nice guy, while being an ass.

His girlfriend Sara silverman is fuckin’ hilarious too

jimmey kimmel is awesome, even tho i want to punch him in his fuckin face everytime he does that annoying laugh of his…it aired the night for kill bill came out

He does have a annoying laugh, but he’s cool. Thanks for the info IL_Buono.

Any time :slight_smile:

Anyone possibly have this on .mpeg?

I thought it was fantastic! I really hope that QT adds the Jimmy Kimmel skit on the Kill Bill DVD. The Leno one should also be added just for laughs!

Just so people know:

It was on the net that QT was going to be on “Jimmy Kimmel” on Friday night (16th), but now it’s saying Monday (19th).

QT on “Jimmy Kimmel” was a good one. I like they way they spontaneously (seemingly) took the crowd down the street to the movie theatre and watched KB2. Now THAT’S cool. And did you see that chick (other guest) flirting with QT? heh heh.

Anyway, I saw on the news today that QT is in fact going to direct tonight’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel” (ABC, Tuesday). It started off as a joke last night, but he’s really going to do it.

So, for those that missed it, QT directed last night’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel”. A very quick recap: QT would be in the control room and would dish out orders to JK, who was wearing a “Reservoir Dogs” suit. The band was dressed as the 88s. There was an older guy dressed as Pai Mei. References to QT movies happened all night long. They even started each section of the show with chapters.

One funny moment is when the chick from “The Punisher” came on the promote that movie and when they went to show a scene from the film, QT made them show a KB2 scene. haha. And when they questioned it, QT said “Who’s film is #1 right now?” (paraphrase) hahaha. He never let them show the Punisher clip.

At the end, the whole crowd had guns and everyone was dead and laying on top of each other. QT came out and closed the show by talking into the cameras and reminding us that KB2 is number one. haha. It was really dope. Now he an say he directed a late-night show.

Best Kimmel episode ever.

I taped this last night. Shit, I can’t wait to watch this.

wow. best tarantino performance ever. my first time seeing kimmel and it was really really good. best way to do self-homage right there.

definetely worth seeing by everyone.

Did anyone else see the Jimmy Kimmel Live a couple nights ago when Quentin directed the episode. I enjoyed it although some of it was cheesy but i still thought it was awesome. He even went out of order like you see in all his films. Any one else see this and if so what did u think.

There’s already a topic about this. Amazingly, it has the same title too.

That’s irony for you.

QT will be on Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow night (monday August 9th). I guess he’s promoting the release of the Kill Bill Vol. 2 DVD. It should be a great show. QT on the Jimmy Kimmel show is always a lot of fun. Don’t miss it.