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QT on Jimmy Kimmel Live TONIGHT! (Sunday, March 5th, after the Oscars)

Sorry for the last minute heads up. I just found out myself.

There’s a special “Jimmy Kimmel Live” episode tonight entitled “After the Academy Awards”. QT is a scheduled guest, along with John Stewart and Johnny Knoxville.

Yeah I will watch this

Just a reminder. QT on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 9 hours.

Just saw it and Tarantino mentioned the films he liked in 2005: Sin City, Domino and The Devil Rejects. Then Kimmel joked that Ang Lee’s inspiration for brokeback mountain was from the gimp scene in pulp fiction.

Kimmel kind of let it slip that Knoxville is going to be in a future Tarantino project.

When Kimmel mentioned them working together, they assumed he was inquiring about Daltry Calhoun. But then Kimmel said, “No I mean, don’t you have another project together?” Knoxville turned to Quentin and said, “I don’t know. Do we?” Quentin says, “No, well, I…” Then Quentin kind of gestured to Kimmel to not ask about it. Then Kimmel said, “Oh, it’s a secret?” and he changed the subject.

Does anyone have any idea what their working on? Is Knoxville gonna be it Grind House? Inglorious Bastards?

[quote]Quentin was on Jimmy Kimmel tonight, after the Oscars. The interviews had your usual talk, and in fact I had no idea why he was on the show tonight, but he did divulge his top five movies for 2005. I thought this was cool and am passing it on:

4. Devil’s Rejects

3. Hustle & Flow

2. Domino

  1. Sin City

    Yes, that’s only four, but he announced it as his top five, skipping from Hustle & Flow and going “And my fifth favorite is…” So there you go.

    Oh yeah, almost forgot. He named off Mickey Rourke as his Best Actor, for his work both in Sin City and in Domino.

Thanks to Sean Stanley for sending in

3 out of 4 aint bad (Havent seen Domino yet)

I owe this guy my taste in film!

I hope the Knoxville shit ain’t true. Please God tell me it isn’t true.

Tarantino was wearing this ancient chinese suit. That was awesome

I hope the Knoxville shit ain’t true. Please God tell me it isn’t true.

Me too. I don’t really like Knoxville. He only did crap. I dunno how he is as an actor, but I cannot imagine him being good. Opinions?

Well he is good at playing himself.