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QT on Charlie Rose this Friday

Quentin will be on Charlie Rose this Friday.

AWESOME!!! I didn’t click the link, but is it going to be a full hour, or will it be split with another guest?

charlie rose is brilliant! even when i was in the states witrh 4 channels i could always watch his shows on public tv - always has great movie interviews

(im very drunk…again)

I love QT on Charlie Rose. He does an excellent job of interviewing him. No stupid questions that have been asked 1K times. And I think Quentin enjoys being on the show also, great heads up. Thanxs.

Will be watching.

Saw it. QT gets smarter each year. That’s a fact.

Can anyone please post a link to the FULL interview (if there’s video of it anywhere),

not just video showing a couple minutes.

I missed it :’( (kinda busy watching Inglourious Basterds). I’d like them at some point to put it up on iTunes like they did his Kill Bill interview. Not video, just audio, but between his voice and Charlie Rose it’s hella good.

I watched it Friday. It was a really great interview, and love the fact that his show has no commercials. Just a long hour interview with QT. 8) It should be on youtube by now, if someone wants to check it out.

I had a look and it (the full interview, not just 2 minutes) unfortunately isn’t currently

up on You Tube. If anyone recorded and has a YT account, please post it up.

What a brilliant interview. I always thought QT thought about subtext in his scenes as he was writing it. It’s interesting to know that you can write a scene, not be aware of any subtext, then delve in to find subtext and realise there is a lot of it there. I guess it’s the subconscious working, and in a way, that’s more interesting than if he subtextualised a scene consciously.

I also like that he is considering doing a crime film next.

I keep wanting to go watch IB again, but with my current situation I can’t. I think that I should make the most of a new QT film being in the cinema’s, and watch it as many times as I can, whilst I can. But I’ve seen it twice already. I think I will just wait for the DVD release. It will be after my 4th watch probably, that I finally have a solid view on the film. Right now, I don’t see it being superior to either PF or KB.